How to Make a Planter From an Old Drawer!

05 May
Operation Garage Cleanout continues!

I had another drawer in the garage that needed to be transformed and my daughter needed a big square planter for some sedum plants she was given. So, we made a planter!

Upcycled Drawer Planter Box

This is the drawer before. It's the smaller match to the drawer I used to make a footstool. If you missed that post you can check it out here: How to Make a Footstool From an Old Drawer.

Drawer before

She wanted little feet on her planter so we used what was left of the table legs that I used for the footstool and attached them in the same manner.

There were only two table legs and one end was square and the other round. She decided mixing them up and having one round and one square on the front and again on the back would be cute. (Great minds think alike because that's what I did on the footstool too!) 😊

Drawer with feed added

Then she decided that leaving the wood finish on the drawer and painting a chevron design would be cute. So, we taped off the design. This was another "no spend" project so we used some masking tape I had on hand.

Note: if you decide to try this painter's tape would work better than the masking tape we used. The masking tape bubbled up a little bit and the paint lines weren't as crisp as they should have been.

taped off chevron pattern

This is my daughter, Sydney, painting her planter drawer.

Painting the drawer

painted drawer

While the drawer was drying we painted the handle with Lagoon spray paint.

Spray painted drawer pull

After two coats of paint, we pulled off the tape to reveal our new patterned drawer.

You can see how the lines are not as nice as they would have been with painter's tape. We did clean them up with a razor blade though and it's hard to tell unless you are really inspecting our work!

Chevron painted drawer

We then stapled some plastic around the inside of the drawer to protect the wood when it is watered.

line the drawer with plastic

Then we added some rocks in the bottom for drainage.

add rocks for drainage

And then we added the potting soil.

The "flat" of sedum plants was a gift from one of her friends after he saw her admiring them at the store.

add potting soil

Then we just planted it! We decided to leave it in the square shape since we figured that they will spread out and fill in on their own. We did loosen up the roots though so they will grow in a normal fashion instead of continuing in their square form!

plant the planter box

She was really happy with how it turned out and now she has a cute little planter on her apartment patio!

upcycled drawer planter box

I donated the little cracked gnome and terracotta bunny to her patio decor.

Planter box from recycled dresser drawer

old drawer turned planter

We also planted a tomato plant for her patio...

create a cute planter box from an old drawer

...and some "cat grass" for her kitty 😺

upcycled drawer planter

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