DIY Lunchbox First Aid Kit

22 June
Hello! How has your week been?

I'm so glad Friday is finally here 😃

I have another sweet and simple project to share today! This one starts with an old metal lunch box that I've had for years.

Honestly, now that I've gotten started transforming all these things I've had stored in the garage for so long, I'm wondering what my problem was! The ideas are just flowing!!

Make a first aid kit from a lunch box

Like I said, this started as an old metal lunch box.

Don't worry though, it wasn't a cute or valuable old mailbox... just plain silver!

metal lunch box

So, it was the perfect canvas!

painted metal lunch box

I used some red carbon transfer paper to transfer the words. You could use stickers or vinyl letters too.

transferred lettering

Then I filled in the letters with barn red paint and added the big plus sign.

hand painted first aid kit

Then I cleaned out my mess of a linen closet (which I am planning to give a makeover soon!) and found everything I needed to create my kit!

DIY first aid kit

I had these two little plastic containers that I thought worked perfectly!

first aid kit inside

Actually, the blue one really is made to hold Q-tips and has a cute little pullout tray for easy access. The green one was something that was passed out at some conference I went to a couple of years ago.

I made new labels for them.

first aid kit
I also had this vintage Norelco shaver case. I thought that was appropriate!

It holds aspirin, moist towelette wipes, a thermometer, and tweezers.

Vintage Norelco case

And lastly, I had this vintage Band-Aid tin already. It holds... you guessed it... Band-Aids!!

I added a few more necessities and I'm all set!

DIY first aid kit from a lunchbox

first aid kit from a lunch pail

The sparkly plastic handle looked kind of cheesy before (let's be honest, the whole thing was cheesy before this makeover) but I think it looks so great now!

First Aid Kit DIY

make a cute first aid kit from a lunch box!

DIY Lunchbox First Aid Kit

DIY First Aid Kit

Make a DIY First Aid Kit

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