Repurposed Vintage Mailbox Storage

26 June
Everyone always needs just a little more storage space, am I right?

And isn't it fun when that much-needed storage space can be cute and decorative at the same time?

For today's post, I'm sharing just that... some cute and decorative storage made from two vintage mailboxes!

repurpose some vintage mailboxes into cute storage

I also managed to get yet another thing out of the garage... I will confess that I drug one of the mailboxes home from my parent's house when we had the yard sale, but I had the other one in the garage already.

Here is how they looked when I started this project.

mailboxes before

I cleaned them up, sanded them to remove any flaking paint and then painted one white and the other aqua.

painting vintage mailboxes

I chose a board from my scrap pile that would work to mount them to and painted it white.

upcycling vintage mailboxes

I drilled holes in the center backs of the mailboxes to attach them to the board.

drill holes in the backs

I used machine screws and bolts to attach the mailboxes to the board.
Machine screws

attach the mailboxes to the board with screws

At this point, I think it would be cute to add some words to the top and/or bottom of the board depending on what you were going to use these for.

I think I'll probably offer this in my Etsy shop so I chose not to add anything more.

upcycled mailbox storage

But here are some fun ideas I came up with!

How about a coffee or cocoa station?

repurposed mailbox cocoa station

I filled the top mailbox with hot cocoa mixes, the bottom with tea, and then added a dowel for some mugs. I think S-hooks would work better for the mugs so you could easily remove without having to remove the dowel each time.

mailbox kitchen storage

Or how about storage for cookbooks and kitchen utensils?

kitchen storage from old mailboxes

I put some small cookbooks in the top mailbox and utensils in the bottom. Then a dish towel over the dowel.

upcycled kitchen storage

It could also go in the bathroom!

repurposed bathroom storage

Some perfume, cotton balls, and scrubbies in the top...

bathroom storage

Washcloths, loofah, and soap in the bottom!

storage for the bathroom

How would you use it?

Repurposed vintage mailbox storage

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