Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

12 June
It's been awhile since I've done a TTT post, hasn't it?! If you are new here, TTT is where I share my latest thrifting finds, what I paid, and what I think they are worth when I list them in my Etsy shop, Little Boho Cottage.

I've been abstaining from thrift shopping as best I can since I'm working on Operation Garage Cleanout but I finally caved and hit 7 thrift stores Saturday morning!

In my defense I was on the hunt for a couple things I needed for tomorrow's Thrifty Chicks Challenge, I can't wait to share that project!!

Blah, blah, blah... whatever Tania... let's just see what you found!! 😄

Thrifting finds

I really debated about this little children's dish set, I mean... it's breakable and there's always a worry when shipping breakable items... but just look at this cuteness! I just couldn't resist!!

The top (her head) is a bowl, her middle (body) is a cocoa mug, and the bottom (her feet) is a plate!! EEEEeeeekkkk! Cute right?

Children's dish set

All three pieces still have their original label so I don't think they've ever been used!

Price $3.99, Value $25 - 35 (there is one listing on Etsy where the mug is missing and they are asking $34!! There is a little boy set that matches too, you can see what it looks like HERE)

Interpur made in Korea

I picked up this vintage cork pencil holder for $1.99, they are selling on Etsy for $20 - $25!

Cork pencil holder

I liked the look of this incense burner. I'm not sure that it is that old but it's pretty!

Wooden incense burner

Inside there is space for both the stick incense and the little cone-shaped incense!

Incense burner inside

And this little trap door is such a cute little secret storage area!

Price $1.99, Value $10 - 14.

Incense burner cleanout

This set of decorative plates is the perfect example of Kitsch... gaudy yet so irresistibly cute!!

Price $3.98 for the pair, Value $12 - $14 (who doesn't have a space for Ed & Edna?!)

kitschy decorative plates

I loved the look of this... what would you call it? A cathedral? The back can be taken off like a picture frame and a new scene put inside.

It is made by Department 56 and has lights inside but no way to plug it in. I thought it might look cool with my Madonna collection inside.

Department 56 cathedral

Price $4.99, Value $20 - $25? (if I decide to sell)

Dept. 56 cathedral

These might be my favorite find, aren't they cute?! They are painted on shingles and "Gerda" did such a sweet job on these!

Price $2.98 for the pair, Value $20 - 25

owl paintings

This whole set of vintage Melamine dishes was very reasonably priced, I don't find these very often priced low enough to buy the whole set.

Melamine dishes

And I already have a matching platter! These are great for vintage trailers!

Price $10.93 for the set, Value $35 - $40

Melmac dishes

I haven't seen a pretty scene painted on velvet before... usually, it's Jesus or a Mexican matador and bull... or Elvis 😂

Vintage velvet painting

Marked "Made in Mexico" on the back,

Price $1.99, Value $25 - $30

Made in Mexico

I did find what I was on the hunt for but you'll have to wait for tomorrow to see that!

Thrifted finds

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