Upcycled Cake Plate, Three Ways To Use It, and A Big Fat Fail

05 June
Today I'm checking two more things off the list for Operation Garage Cleanout! Whoop whoop, I'm on a roll!

This project is a simple upcycled cake plate and I'm also sharing three ways you can use it and a big fat fail!

Upcycled pie pan and candle holder

I had a vintage pie pan and a wooden candlestick in a bin in the garage. Separately they serve two completely different purposes but put them together and you have a cute, rustic cake plate!

Vintage pie pan and candle holder

I gave the candle holder a couple coats of grey paint I had in the garage.

Upcycled cake plate

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Once the paint was dry I attached the candle holder to the inside of the pie pan using E6000 Glue.

creating an upcycled cake plate with a pie pan and candle holder

You could glue the candle holder to the bottom of the pie pan instead for a slightly different look.

cake plate made from a pie pan and candle holder

Now I'll share three different ways you can use this and my big fat fail!

The first way you can use this is as an actual cake plate!

I made a cake... #fail! I don't know what went wrong but the top layer broke into pieces. I thought I could piece it back together with frosting and then frost the whole thing and no one would be the wiser... NOT!!!

upcycled rustic cake plate

You probably can't tell by these pictures how bad it actually looked, it was all uneven and lopsided on the top and I ran out of frosting so some spots are a little thin!

I tried to disguise the uneven spots with some tiger lilies from my garden.

cake on upcycled cake plate

Oh well... apparently baking isn't my forte!

When I took it off the cake plate it fell apart completely... the broken pieces on the top slid right off and onto the counter!! 😂

Oh well... it still tastes delicious!!

cake with tiger lillies

The second way you could use this is as a sink caddy for soap and sponges.

cake plate caddy

sink caddy

sink caddy

The third way you can use this (and the way I am using it for awhile) is as a stand for oils and spices.

tray for oils and spices

I don't know why but things always look better when they are grouped together and put on a pedestal!! 😊

upcycled pie pan stand

This is how it looks now in my kitchen.

How would you use it?


make a rustic cake plate

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