Upcycled Rug Bolster Pillow

29 July
Do you ever fall in love with something at the store and you just HAVE to have it?!

And then you get it home and it's NOT everything you've dreamed of? Maybe the color just isn't quite right or it is too big or too small for the room.

That was the case with this rug. I loved it when I saw it at TJMaxx and it was on clearance too, marked down to $40 so it came home with me. I had it under my dining table but it was just a little bit too small and the dining chairs rolled off of it when you sat at the table and then you couldn't push them back in without the edges of the rug getting all rolled and crumpled up 😠

I still loved it though so I decided to repurpose it into a pillow!

Upcycled rug bolster pillow

Here is what the rug looked like before, I loved the blush pink and blues together. This reminds me of mud cloth... it might actually be mud cloth but I am not entirely sure.

boho rug

And those fringies! I love anything with fringe and tassels!

rug with fringe

I used drop cloth fabric for the back. Partly because I didn't want to waste the rug fabric on the back of the pillow (now I can make more things!) and partly because I think it would be too bulky to run through my sewing machine.

drop cloth fabric

I cut two pieces of the drop cloth fabric, one slightly larger than the other so they overlap. This will create an envelope style closure so that I can remove it for laundering. I have a little fur baby so being able to wash pillow covers is important.

envelope closure pillow

I stitched around three sides leaving the side with the fringe open, then turned it inside out and stitched along the fringed edge.

pillow made from an upcycled rug

I love the texture it has.

rug made into a pillow

For now, this is on my bed but I do have another plan for it. It's a surprise for a little bit but I'll be sharing soon!

repurposed rug pillow

I made it to fit a king size pillow which I already had.

upcycled pillow

pillow made from a repurposed rug

boho pillow

Upcycled Rug Bolster Pillow

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