7 Days of Thrift Shop Flips - Day Three - DIY Cactus Coasters

15 August
Today's project for 7 Days of Thrift Shop Flips in honor of National Thrift Shop Day is a fun and whimsical little project that involves cork coasters and a flower pot!

DIY Cactus Coaster supplies

7 days of Thrift shop Flips

Cute yah?!

DIY Cactus Coasters

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Supplies Needed

  • Cork Coasters (If you can't find them at the thrift shop, you can purchase here)
  • Plaster of Paris
  • Small Flower Pot
  • Green Craft Paint
  • White Craft Paint
  • X-acto Knife

I had a set of 6 cork coasters, you could use more if you like for a fuller cactus.

cork coasters

If your flower pot has a hole in the bottom like mine did you'll need to tape over that so the Plaster of Paris won't run out.

tape over the hole in the flower pot

You can mix the Plaster of Paris directly in the flower pot. You just want it to be the consistency of pudding.

mix plaster of paris

Since my coasters were thin I used two for the base. Glue them together and just stick them right in the Plaster of Paris before it sets up. I trimmed the sides of mine so they would fit down into the flower pot.

stick the coasters directly into the plaster of paris

While that is drying, cut the notches in your coasters with an X-acto knife. Make sure you measure the thickness of the coaster you'll be putting the one your cutting on. Cut that rather snug, it's better to have a tight fit than have your cactus falling apart!

cut notches

This one had a wider notch because it was going on the two that are in the flower pot, the rest had thinner notches.

notches in coasters

Now you can paint your cactus parts!

The green paint I had was a little bright so I mixed in some brown to make it the shade I wanted.

And patience is not a virtue for me so I used a hair dryer to quickly dry the pieces.

paint cactus pieces

Now, make the cactus pricklys. I chose to do mine in the shape of tiny hearts, you can do x's or just single lines, or a combination!

To make hearts like mine put a blob of paint on a palette and dip the end of a thin paintbrush handle into the paint. Then put a dot of paint on the cactus piece.

add a dot of paint

Then repeat this process so you have two dots of paint side-by-side.

two dots of paint

Then drag each dot down to a point, easy!

making a heart with paint

When everything is dry and the Plaster of Paris has set up you can arrange your cactus!

cactus coaster set

I covered the Plaster of Paris with some white decorative rocks from the Dollar Store.

cactus coaster set

I think I'll keep my eye out at the thrift stores for a few more coasters and fill mine out a little more!

coasters in the form of a cactus

Then just pull one off when you need a coaster!

DIY cactus coaster set


This is a fun way to display what is usually a very utilitarian household object. It would make a sweet house warming gift too!

DIY Your Own cactus Coasters
What do you think? I hope you're having fun with the projects for 7 Days of Thrift Shop Flips so far!

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