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02 August
I've mentioned a couple of times, here and there, that I have a little bit of a secret... today I'm sharing that exciting news!

It may not be a huge surprise to some of you that I've been looking for a vintage motorhome to fix up.

Well, I found one!!! Woot-woot!

I've loved having and fixing up My Vintage Trailer but there were a couple of things about it that I didn't like:
  • It is a pain to hook up and unhook (the lights are always iffy and that means I have to get my dad involved every time I want to go somewhere)
  • I can't relax completely when I'm pulling it, every little bump in the road that makes it weave and jump around back there makes me nervous!
  • It doesn't have a bathroom (I want to glamp not rough it!)
So, I've been looking for a small, vintage motorhome that I can fix-up. I found this one on Craigslist. My dad and I went and checked it out last Friday and we both were really impressed with it (I'm in charge of inspecting the interior and making sure it has what I want and my dad is in charge of man stuff... checking underneath, on top, motor, etc.), it's in really good shape for its age!

It's a 1974 Chevy Shasta. We have not actually measured it yet but I think it's about a 17-foot little house on wheels!

1974 Chevy Shasta Motorhome
I did a before tour video for your enjoyment and there are additional pictures after the video! I was laughing with the comment about my mom at the beginning of the video because she was standing there with her hands on her hips staring at me... lol!

Pretty cute so far right?!

motorhome exterior

Stepping inside, the first thing you see is the bathroom door, I'll share the inside in a few.

motorhome interior

To the right is the cab area. That thing in between the seats with the cup holders on top is called a dog house. You lift it up and part of the motor is underneath.

motorhome cab area

When we went back to pick her up Monday evening she died at the end of the previous owner's driveway and we had to lift off the dog house to do a little finagling and coercing (or pouring some gas in the "dry as a popcorn fart" carburetor) to get her to start. She did though and we were on our way!

There was one more emergency stop when the wing window came off in my dad's hand! She needs a little TLC for sure!

motorhome driver's seat

Turn to the left after entering the door and you see the rest of her!

motorhome interior tour

motorhome kitchen-dinette

When we looked at her and brought her home, the dinette was folded down into the bed, I put it back to a dinette when we got her to my parent's house and was pleasantly surprised at how large this area is!

motorhome dinette

Look at that adorable little kitchen! 1970's all the way baby!

motorhome kitchen

Directly across from the kitchen are the refrigerator and storage.

motorhome refrigerator

motorhome kitchen - dining area

motorhome dining area

motorhome dining table

Here is inside that little bathroom! LOVE 💗

motorhome bathroom

This whole bathroom is also a shower, there is a shower curtain that pulls across the doorway and a removable shower head.

motorhome toilet - shower

This is a Class C motorhome so there is a bunk above the cab, quite roomy too!

motorhome bunk above the cab

And directly across from this bunk, above the dinette area, there is a pull-down bunk.

motorhome pull-down bunk

Here are a few more pictures of the outside.

1974 Chevy Shasta motorhome

Shasta front end

motorhome front end

Do you see the spoilers on the back?! 😂

1974 Shasta back end

I am dying to get started on her! Here are some of the changes I already have in mind:
  • Paint (to lighten and brighten the inside)
  • Rip out shag carpeting and replace with vinyl flooring
  • Recover dinette cushions
  • Make new curtains
  • Revamp the kitchen with some clever storage and organization ideas
So, what do you think?!

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