Junk Style Birdhouses

08 August
Hello, Happy Wednesday!

Today is Thrifty Chicks day!! If you are new to LVC let me explain what Thrifty Chicks is!

Once a month I get together with a small group of blogging friends and we have a challenge project. Usually, we all upcycle the same item such as frames, globes, etc. but sometimes it will be just a general theme and we can do whatever we want that fits in that theme.

This month is a theme... birds... so we will all be posting something that has to do with birds! Be sure to check out the other ladies' projects at the end of my post!

I decided to create junk style birdhouses!

Junk Style Birdhouses

Thrifty Chicks

I had a birdhouse in my craft room that was waiting for a makeover of some sort, it's just a regular old craft store birdhouse.

birdhouse makeover

First, it got a coat of peach-colored paint and mint green on the roof.

painted birdhouse

I picked up some rusty old parts and pieces on a trip to the dump one day so I had a rusty can that became the new roof to my birdhouse!

tin can birdhouse roof

A couple of rusty hinges became a sort of architectural detail on the roof of the birdhouse.

rusty hinges

rusty birdhouse roof

A rusty handle became a new perch.

rusty handle birdhouse perch

And a ceramic light socket became the entrance.

birdhouse hole

A single rusty wheel became the second perch.

rusty wheel birdhouse perch

Some vintage metal lawn edging pieces make great siding!

birdhouse siding

And ruler pieces left over from last month's Thrifty Chicks project make great trim!

birdhouse ruler trim

junky birdhouse

I had so much fun with this first birdhouse and I had some pieces of junk left so I made another one!

This birdhouse was in my yard already but it was falling apart. The chimneypiece has fallen off and the perch fell off when I touched it. Time for remodeling!

upcycled birdhouse

I had another rusty can from the dump.

rusty Folger's coffee can

It became an accent on the existing metal roof.

Rusty Folgers can roof

And the remaining piece is added to the front of the birdhouse. A decorative piece (which I actually think originally came on this birdhouse) was added around the entrance.

birdhouse with rusty details

Then it got an interesting new perch... can you tell what it is?

gluing on a new perch

How about now? If you drove cars before the push-button era... when you had to pump the gas a certain number of times before the car would start... before seatbelts were mandatory... you may know what this is!

Let me know if you can guess!

birdhouse lighter perch

I don't know what this is but it makes a cute roof accent!

roof accent

This birdhouse also got some ruler trim.

rusty junk birdhouse

What do you think?

junk style birdhouse

I don't know if birds will ever use these but they make cute accents anyway!

birdhouses made with old junk

birdhouse with rusty pieces

upcycled birdhouses

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