Plan Your Next Celebration With Cards From Dollar Tree!

30 August
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Do you like giving (or receiving) greeting cards?

I like getting them but I sure hate buying them, they are so expensive! I mean on average they run $5 to $6! That's kind of ridiculous when you think about it. It's a piece of paper with a picture and some words! Especially when you realize that most people throw them away!

I have discovered a much more inexpensive way to purchase greeting cards though!


birthday cupcake and dollar store card

I know, I know... they've always had cards, but these cards are different!

On August 30th every Dollar Tree store (there are over 6,500 stores nationwide) will carry Expressions from Hallmark, $1 each and Heartline, a Hallmark company, 2 for $1. 

Whaaaaaaaaat?! Cards for $1 or less?! 😲

birthday cupcake and dollar store card

With hundreds of new greeting cards to choose from, you can celebrate every moment with your friends and family without breaking the bank!

I'm excited! Dollar Tree was nice enough to send me a selection of these new cards to check out.

dollar store birthday card

These aren't cheap knock-offs, they are Hallmark cards and they are only $1 (or 2 for a $1 for some)!

Expressions birthday card

heartline hallmark card

I would be pretty happy to get a pretty little cupcake and a card like this for my birthday, how about you?

dollar store birthday

You could create a whole "gift experience" all from Dollar Tree!

I made this gift box from a recycled clothing box and some Kraft mailing paper from Dollar Tree.

dollar store gift

I really love this card, it's glittery and pretty!

birthday gift with card from dollar tree

The tassels are also made from the mailing paper with some Washi Tape (also available at Dollar Tree!)

dollar tree birthday package

There are so many pretty cards even in the small selection that they sent me! Imagine what's in the stores!

dollar tree greeting cards

I don't know if you can see it very well but some of them have glitter and embossed designs.

dollar store card close

greeting cards from dollar tree

greeting cards from dollar store

For more information, you can visit They also have some cute crafty ideas with greeting cards too (the ideas are down toward the bottom of the page)!

dollar store birthday card

The following lines of cards will also be available at select stores:

Mahogany: Mahogany enhances emotional connections among family, friends, and the community, and celebrates what is most beloved about African-American culture.

Vida: VIDA expresses the voice of Latinos across generations, bringing them closer together to celebrate life’s special moments.

Tree Of Life: Tree of Life brings Jewish family and friends together to celebrate their faith and culture by honoring meaningful holidays and milestones.

Joyfully Yours: Joyfully Yours lets family and friends express their faith in just the right way during holidays, special occasions, and moments big and small.

I received a sample of one of the cards in the Joyfully Yours line. It's very pretty 😊

religious card

cards from the dollar store

I don't know about you but I will definitely be shopping for my cards at the Dollar Tree from now on!

Plan Your Next Celebration With Cards From Dollar Tree!

P.S. That cupcake was Strawberry Champagne and it was delicious! I got it from a local bakery called Frost Me Sweet!

P.P.S. My birthday is coming right up (September 22nd) and cards at Dollar Tree are only $1... hint, hint 😉 lol

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