A Junky Pumpkin

12 September
Today is one of my favorite days of the month!

It's Thrifty Chicks Challenge Day! If you're new here the Thrifty Chicks are a group of blogging friends and we get together once a month for a challenge to upcycle something old into something fun and new!

This month's challenge was to make something with old hardware!

A Junky Pumpkin

A Junky Pumpkin

Here is what I started with!

old hardware

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Thrifty Chicks Challenge projects

I'm really into fall decorating right at the moment so I wanted to make something fall inspired.

I found another wooden plaque in my garage hoard and I had this coffee can full of nuts, bolts, screws, and miscellaneous parts and pieces.

can of nuts and bolts

I chose the bits and bobs that I wanted to use and laid it all out on the wood plaque kind of like a little puzzle and then I glued it down.

old hardware

Once it was all dried I spray painted the whole piece orange.

old hardware pumpkin

To finish it off I used some of this old... hardware cloth for lack of a better word. It was inside an old lamp and I saved it for something great...

hardware cloth

... like junky pumpkin leaves!

hardware cloth leaves

It was very easy to cut, I used regular scissors! Then I painted them green and attached them to the junky pumpkin with wire.

junk pumpkin

There is actually a story behind this junky pumpkin.

pumpkin made from old hardware

My boyfriend's father passed away about six months ago and when they were getting ready to have an estate sale of his garage belongings I snagged the coffee can full of nuts and bolts. I was looking for a certain size of a screw for a different project and I thought for sure what I needed would be in this tin!

I am planning to give this to my boyfriend's mom as a special little reminder of her husband of almost sixty years. I hope she likes it.

pumpkin made from junk

junk art pumpkin

old junk pumpkin

scrap junk pumpkin

Old hardware pumpkin

Junky Pumpkin Made From Old Hardware

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