Repurposed Metal Plate Vase

22 September
I have three of these old metal plates. They are 3D and have a hanger on the back. I thought maybe they were old flue covers but they don't look like most flue covers I've seen. Usually, the plate would be shaped the other direction so that it will cover the flue hole but these are shaped like a regular plate.

I had something in mind when I picked them up at the thrift store. They were CHEAP, probably because no one wants them!

The hose clamp and little glass jar are the other supplies I'm using for this repurpose project.

Repurposed plate vase supplies
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Supplies You'll Need to Make Your Own!
  • Decorative metal plates (I see these all the time at thrift stores!)
  • Hose Clamps
  • Glass Jars (use any shape you like, check the recycle bin!)
  • Tin Snips
  • Paint in the color of your choice

I just ran these through my dishwasher to clean them up first.

old metal decorative plates

And then I used a drill to drill a hole in the plate and tin snips to snip an opening for the hose clamp which will hold the little vase.

snip a hole for the hose clamp

Thread the hose clamp through the openings. Wear gloves! I didn't heed my own advice and somehow I got my finger stuck in between the hose clamp and the sharp edges where I cut the opening. I managed to get it out but was panicking for a minute!

add a hose clamp

Spray paint the whole plate with whatever color you'd like. I used white.

painted metal plate

painted decorative plate

Once the paint was dry I sanded the high spots to add a little interest.

Next, open the hose clamp just enough to slide the jar in, then tighten it down around the jar. Not too tight or you'll break it but you do want it secure enough so it won't slide out.

repurposed plate to wall vase

Add flowers! You can use real flowers since you have a vase that will hold water.

Or you can use fake flowers like these little handmade pom-pom numbers!

Upcycled plate wall vase

Or some cotton bolls, they are so popular right now and they give a little bit of a farmhouse feel.

Plate wall vase

I liked the designs on these plates even though they were pretty ugly! I knew paint would help!

repurposed wall flower vase

Two of them have gypsies dancing and playing guitars and tambourines.

upcycled wall flower vase

And the small plate has a winter scene with little men ice skating!

old plate wall flower vase

Make a cute wall vase with old decorative plates!

Do you like them?

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