Upcycled Bucket Jack-O-Lantern

04 September
I am ready to start some fall crafting how about you?

I think this may be the earliest I've ever started, I'm usually Polly Procrastinator! I wait so long that then there's really no point!

Today's post is also another installment of Operation Garage Cleanout!

jack-o-lantern fall decor

Cute right?!

I got this idea from Angie at Knick of Time. She made a Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Treat Bucket and I thought it was so cute!

After I saw hers, I remembered that I had an old metal bucket out in my garage. I found it at the dump several years ago.

rusty bucket

I think mine is a little larger than Angie's and I thought it would make a cute fall planter! It definitely needed a good cleaning though... and then a coat (or three) of orange spray paint!

orange bucket

The handle was painted green.

orange bucket with green wooden handle

Then I just free-handed a cute, smiling Jack-O-Lantern face on it.

I painted the face black and added some pretty yellow mums!

jack-o-lantern bucket with yellow mums

I added a couple of faux pumpkins for a cute vignette on my porch.

cute fall decor

I think it's still a tiny bit early for Jack-O-Lanterns so for now, I turned it around.

upcycled bucket fall decor

fall porch decor

In just a few short weeks it'll be time to decorate for Halloween and hey! I'm ahead of the game!

Jack-o-lantern fall decor

orange bucket with yellow mums for fall

Upcycled Bucket Jack-O-Lantern

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