An Interview with Sue Whitney and a Giveaway!

24 October
Hello! I'm so excited today because I have another great giveaway for you!

Are you familiar with Sue Whitney? Sue is the founder of Junkmarket Style and the author of these books:

Junk Beautiful
Junk Beautiful: Outdoor Edition
Junk Beautiful: Furniture ReFreshed
Decorating JunkMarket Style

And now she has a brand new book, Junk Beautiful: She Sheds!

She has also been featured on the Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family show, the Today show, and The Jason Show, as well as many other television shows; has contributed to Country Home and Country Garden magazines, as well as many other publications; and boasts an active online community of decorators and crafters at

I recently had the opportunity to ask Sue anything I wanted! Following are her answers, I hope you enjoy! Stick around to the end of the post and you'll have a chance to enter to win one of two copies of her new book that I'm giving away!

Junk Beautiful: She Sheds

Here is my Q&A session with Sue!

Me: Do you remember the first piece of “junk” you transformed into something beautiful? If so, what was it?

Sue: I do. I created a chandelier from old wire garden fencing and clear insulators. The original hung over my bathtub and was featured in both Country Home Magazine and my first book. The project has been recreated by many.

Me: Where do you go to hunt for junk?

Sue: I hunt for junk in many different places. Flea markets, large shows, and junk stores are obvious choices, but I also search used restaurant supply stores, salvage yards and of course farmer's barns. I shy away from auctions, but I do uncover fabulous finds at large antique malls.

Me: What is your process for deciding what to do with a piece?

Sue: Sometimes I know immediately what I am going to do with a piece and sometimes I have to think on it a bit. If I love something I buy it knowing something will come to me. The trick is to keep the project in making within plain sight in your home. As the saying goes...out of sight out of mind!

Me: Do you purchase things just on a whim or do you actually have to have a plan for something before you’ll purchase it?

Sue: I rarely buy something on a whim. If I make that mistake it will wind up in a garage sale of my own. My rule of thumb is to only purchase pieces I love. That way even if I don't have a specific project in mind, I will be able to use or display as is until the perfect idea pops into my head.

Me: What made you want to share your love of junk and how to transform and decorate with it with others?

Sue: I am a teacher by heart, not by trade. My education is in the legal field, but when I went back to work after being a stay at home Mom for 15 years I decided to follow my passion not my education. The JUNKMARKET began as a monthly "junk" sale but quickly turned in to a full blown design shop where customers could not only purchase cool junk, but walk away with a mind chock full of ideas. I found that inspiring people gave me far more satisfaction than just selling them a piece of furniture which led me to become a magazine editor and author.

Me: What is your home like? Is it all vintage and repurposed or do you incorporate new pieces as well?

Sue: My current abode is totally different than the home in which I raised my children. My family home was nationally known and photographed as "The House That Junk Built". When I bought it I referred to it as "early ugly". I gutted the 1980s debacle and brought it back to life one room at a time with the use of reclaimed material, junk, architectural salvage, antiques and yes... new and modern materials. I've long adhered to my "2 Ps" rule. Your home and your projects should be both pretty and practical. I believe in transition and downsizing. With the kids on their own I no longer need or want a large home or a lawn to mow. I am currently renovating a historic loft in a small Minnesota river town. Only time will tell what it will look like, but in the meantime I'm having fun!

Me: Is there anything in particular that you won’t buy?

Sue: Oh yes, there are many things I won't buy or am very careful about purchasing. The number #1 don't buy for me is anything that I view as "on trend". The best way to create a look of your own is to ignore what everyone else is doing and march to the beat of your own drummer. Another no for me is furniture that was not constructed well to begin can't create quality with a coat of paint. Vintage upholstered furniture is a love of mine, but I purchase with care. Sometimes an upholstered piece will become a bigger project than expected. Upholstery soiled by a previous owner's family pet undetected before the purchase can become a not so pleasant project.

Me: Do you already have plans for another book?

Sue: I always have at least five publication concepts living in the playground of my mind. It's a busy place up there! I do have one in particular right now...but am keeping it under wraps for the time being.


I hope you enjoyed the interview!

Now you can enter to win one of two copies I have of her new She Sheds book to giveaway! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and then use the rafflecopter widget to record your entry! The giveaway will run until November 21st and I'll be notifying the winner shortly after!

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P.S. If you don't want to wait to get your hands on Sue's new book (releasing November 6th), you can order a copy here: Junk Beautiful: She Sheds

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