Antique Mirror Refresh

10 October
It's time once again for another Thrifty Chicks challenge!

These monthly challenges always seem to come around so fast, it feels like we just finished our last challenge!

If you are new here the Thrifty Chicks are a group of blogging friends and each month we challenge ourselves to some sort of upcycling project. It's usually a themed project (this month's challenge is mirrors) and then we share our results on our blogs!

I struggled with this one a little bit. Like I said, our theme this month was mirrors and I just couldn't come up with anything to do with a mirror except give one a refresh!

giving an old mirror a fresh new look

Thrifty Chicks Mirror Challenge

I picked up this old mirror at a yard sale a couple of years ago not because I needed a mirror or anything but because it was only $1 and I could tell it was pretty old.

It's been taking up space in my garage ever since!

antique mirror

It was very dirty and had something (very much resembling bird sh*t 😲) on one side.

dirty old mirror

But I could see beauty with the softly curved edges and a beveled edge on the very thick and heavy mirror. The mirror has that old, mottled appearance that I just love too!

I gave it a coat (or three) of Glidden Country White paint and once it was dry sanded it all over for that lovely distressed look.

painted antique mirror

It's a very simple but effective makeover and I love how it turned out!

refreshed mirror

It's on my dresser in my bedroom now.

old painted mirror

I love mirrors and I have quite a few of them... I seem to have a thing for them and pillows!

mirror makeover

If you are like me and have more mirrors than you know what to do with, you can layer them for interest...


Prop them up on a dresser or shelf...

antique mirror

Or group them on a wall for a beautiful focal point! They help make a dark room feel lighter by reflecting the light.

wall of mirrors


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