Artificial Grass Camping Mat

21 October
Thank you to Purchase Green for partnering with me to bring you this post! I was compensated for this post and received a sample product. Ideas and opinions expressed here are my own.

My family camped a lot when I was growing up. My parent's belonged to a hot rod club so we traveled around and camped with the other club members. We had a travel trailer that we pulled to camp in. Actually, I think there were a couple over the years but the one I remember was a Caveman. The dinette folded down into the bed that my parents slept on and there was a bunk above them that I slept on. Usually, we camped at campgrounds with the other club members and there was nice grass to park on.

Once I was older and got married my husband, daughter, and I camped too. We had a tent trailer and we often camped at more "rustic" camping areas... no grass... just dirt and rocks ๐Ÿ˜• 

It didn't matter to me at the time but now that I've grown older and have been reminiscing about my younger days at home I have decided that I want that nice grass to step out onto no matter where I may be camping.

So, it was perfect timing when a company called Purchase Green reached out to me and asked if I'd be interested in doing a post for their artificial grass!

artificial grass from Purchase Green

Purchase Green sells artificial grass for installation in landscape applications, sporting and playgrounds, and putting greens (ooorr, camping mats!) ๐Ÿ˜ 

There isn't anyone where I live that has artificial grass (that I am aware of) so I was anxious to receive the piece they were sending me to see what it's really like.

Now if you have Astroturf in your head like I did, you may as well throw that notion out because this stuff is nothing like that! It really does look like real grass!

I took it to my parent's house where Bertha (my vintage motorhome) is parked at the moment and set up a little campground!

My dad was impressed with it too! We laid it on their grass to see the difference.

artificial grass

Since it's fall the real grass has begun to go dormant so it doesn't look it's best. The artificial grass looks better! Here is an edge shot... you can't really tell where the real grass ends and the artificial grass starts!

artificial grass edge

If you are in an area where drought is a problem or if you just like the idea of having a nice, lush lawn but don't want the associated maintenance, this product is for you! If your area is small enough you could totally DIY a lawn for yourself with Purchase Green grass!

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For DIY installations they recommend a Grandi Groom to "rake" the grass up so it stands up and looks real. When the grass arrived it was a little flat looking but the rake really fluffed it right up!

grandi groom rake

My dad and I had fun setting up camp!

camping mat

grass camping mat

grass camping rug

camping rug

grass rug for camping

grass mat for camping

I don't think the dogs could tell the difference ๐Ÿ˜Š It looks like she is using it as a bathroom but she wasn't... just trying to get a treat from my dad!

artificial grass


rv camping

Artificial Grass Camping Mat

artificial grass

Here is a little bit more about Purchase Green and their artificial grass:

What is Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass is a material that is made up of artificial fibers that look just like real grass. Artificial grass is also popularly known as "fake grass" and "synthetic grass." The blades of fake grass, which are green in color, come in different shapes and sizes. Rolls of artificial grass are similar to how carpets are made. Originally designed for sporting areas such as baseball and football fields, artificial grass is tremendously durable and can stand up to a major amount of wear and tear.

While artificial grass doesn't require any watering to maintain its vivacious color, it is very porous. This means that water will seep through it and not create puddles of water when it rains.

artificial grass
Photo courtesy of Purchase Green Artificial Grass
Where to Buy Artificial Grass?

"Purchase Green Artificial Grass" is where to buy artificial grass online for many residential and commercial installations. Purchase Green sells high quality and affordable artificial grass & synthetic turf products. You can also buy their artificial grass products locally at many of their locations across the United States. To see if Purchase Green Artificial Grass has a brick & mortar establishment near you, visit the following link to find out where to buy artificial grass locally.

Video: Learn all about the different Artificial Grass Varieties

Purchase Green Artificial Grass is proud to have been involved in the conservation of over a billion gallons of water since 2009. In addition, all of their products are lead-safe, non-toxic, and low maintenance; tested right here in the United States. When you're looking for where to buy artificial grass, Purchase Green is your #1 choice in both customer satisfaction and price.

I am very pleased with my new camping mat from purchase green and I can't wait to go camping and lay it out in front of Bertha! We'll be the envy of all other campers! ๐Ÿ˜

Artificial Grass Camping Mat

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