DIY Paint Stir Stick Crate

03 October
I am still working on cleaning out the garage hoard.

Today I grabbed a bundle of paint stir sticks to transform.

I picked these up at Goodwill one day. I'm sure I had a plan at the time but don't know what that was now!

I decided to make some of them into a cute little crate just the right size for some canning jars!

How to make a little crate from paint stir sticks!

This was really easy to make, let me show you how!

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Supplies Needed

paint stir sticks

You'll need four pieces of scrap wood cut to the height you want your crate. I made mine 5 paint sticks tall.

cut scrap wood to size

Glue and staple the stir sticks to the scraps of wood. Alternate the stir sticks so there is one with a curved end, then one with a straight end, etc.

glue and staple the stir sticks to the wood scraps

Decide how wide you want your crate to be and then cut some stir sticks to that measurement for the sides. You can cut them pretty easily with heavy-duty scissors, then glue and staple them as well.

made a crate with paint stir sticks

Add two more small pieces of stick to the bottom so that you have a surface for adding the bottom.

I found it easier to glue them first, weight them down until dry, then flip the crate over and stape them from the inside.

add the bottom

little crate made from paint stir sticks

I chose to make my crate with the advertising on the inside but I think it would be cute with that on the outside as well!

how to make a crate from paint stir sticks

Stain your crate with the color of your choice, add some canning jars and you have a cute little crate perfect for flowers!

crate made from paint stir sticks

paint stick crate

paint stick crafts

crate DIY

diy paint stick crafts

flower crate

DIY Paint Stir Stick Crate

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