A Gift Wrapping Guide for Beautifully Wrapped Gifts

07 November
Every year for Christmas, I have all these grand plans to make my wrapped packages just as special as the gift that’s inside them. I love it when I see beautifully wrapped packages that someone has put thought and love into. 

I have great intentions but then I fall short of my goal and it’s for two reasons:
  1. I am Polly Procrastinator and I wait until the last minute to wrap my gifts. Since I have waited so long and I am now #wrappingallthepresents at once, I am over it after about 2 packages!
  2. I am so focused on the gifts themselves that I forget to stock up on some pretty papers and gift wrapping supplies which takes me back to #1… and now I don’t have time to get those supplies! Plus I’m already over it remember?! 😖
This year is going to be different! I am planning my gift wrapping BEFORE I have even purchased any gifts!

If you need help in this area too then you’ll love this post.

I have created a gift guide but it’s different than your average gift guide, this one is centered around the gift packaging… it’s a guide for wrapping your gifts! I rounded up some great ideas from some of the wonderfully creative shop owners on Etsy to help make your packages just as special as what’s inside!

How to wrap beautiful Christmas Presents
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Buffalo check is all the rage right now and these printable tags from Ashley Pahl Paperie are so cute!

Printable Buffalo Check Gift Tags
Source: Ashley Pahl Paperie
You’ll also need these items to create packages that look like this:

Blankets are a pretty common gift for Christmas but they are pretty boring to wrap up. How about a special blanket wrap label from The Paper Stash DIY? It would also work for scarves!

blanket wrap tags
Source: The Paper Stash DIY
You will also need some ribbon. THIS is pretty!

Need to mail some of your gifts? This Christmas packing tape from Her Hazel Eyes Studio is pretty sweet!
Christmas packing tape
Source: Her Hazel Eyes Studio
How about this idea from The Beauty Dojo?

Paper bag gifts
Source: The Beauty Dojo
You’ll need these items to create packages that look like this:

Additional Supplies Needed

Sometimes you have small gifts that are hard to wrap, these little printable boxes from Little Luxuries Loft are cute!

printable gift cups
Source: Little Luxuries Loft
How about personalized wrapping paper like this from The Polka Dot Penny Shop!

personalized wrapping paper
Source: The Polka Dot Penny Shop
Making your own hand-stamped wrapping paper is always fun! Stamps like this evergreen tree from SzczepanskaEwa

Source: SzczepanskaEwa
Use the Kraft paper and natural twine from above and this stamp to make some!

Some pretty scalloped edge tissue paper from Petal and Forrest would be nice poking out of a bag or box!

scallop edge tissue paper
Source: Petal and Forrest
And Baker’s twine like this from Susie's Treasure Island is a must-have! Use it to tie up a package, add package embellishments or tags.

baker's twine
Source: Susie's Treasure Island
I'm excited to get some supplies and create some pretty packages this year! I'll check back in and let you know how I did!

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