DIY Thread Spool Sheep Ornaments

14 November
It's time for the monthly Thrifty Chicks challenge where some blog friends and I get together for an upcycle challenge!

This month's challenge is thread spools!

Make some cute sheep ornaments from thread spools

You will be able to see the other projects at the end of my post.

Thrifty Chicks challenge

These were so fun and simple to make, let me show you how!

Supplies Needed

sheep ornament supplies

The corks will act as feet. You could also use little wooden thread spools. I already had these corks so that's what I chose to use for mine.

Group them close together like so.

small corks

Put a dab of hot glue on top of each cork and then lay the spool over them lengthwise, pressing down so they really grab hold.

glue the corks to the spool

spools with corks

Now, put a line of hot glue along the bottom edge of the spool near the feet and start adding the yarn. Put another line of glue along the other side and then loop the yarn back and forth across the spool.

glue the yarn to the spool

Go back and forth over the spool a couple of times so your little sheep will be nice and fluffy!

add the yarn

Next, you'll make the face and tail with the black and white felt.

black and white felt for faces

Cut a circle of felt just slightly larger than the flat side of the spool.

round felt circle

Glue this to one side of the spool.

spool with white felt circle

Cut small teardrop shapes (two for each sheep) from the black felt.

black felt teardrop shapes

Glue these to the sides near the top for the ears.

black felt ears

Cut small ovals from the black felt (one per sheep).

black felt ovals

Glue them to the front for noses.

sheep noses

For the eyes, you'll need small black (or blue) beads. I did not have beads so I used straight pins instead.

straight pin

If you are making eyes with this method then cut the head off the pins with small side cutters.

cut off the head of the pin

blue pin head beads

Glue the eyes on the white felt, close to the nose.

sheep ornaments

Now, cut another teardrop shape (one per sheep) but this one will have a flat top instead of pointy.

black felt teardrop shapes

Glue this to the back of the sheep for a tail.

Tie a tiny bow with ribbon.

tiny ribbon bow

Glue the bow to the top of the tail.

tail bows

Tie a length of thread around the center for a hanger.

handmade sheep ornaments

And you now have an adorable sheep ornament for your tree!!

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thread spool sheep ornament

sheep ornaments made with old thread spools

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DIY Thread Spool Sheep Ornaments
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