DIY Wood Scrap Tree

18 December
I'm back with another DIY Christmas project... see? I told you the fun wasn't over just because the Twelve Days of Christmas blog hop is over!

Today I'm sharing how to make a cute wood scrap tree with leftover scraps of molding trim.

Wood molding scrap tree

You may have seen this little tree in my Christmas Home Decor post for day 7 of the blog hop.

All you need to make one of these is a long, flat piece of wood, a variety of wood molding trim scraps, some short nails, and some white paint (or the color of your choice).

I had everything I needed to make this project out in the garage hoard. This is my variety of wood molding trim pieces I had. There are some floor molding pieces, rope molding, chair railing, etc. I ended up not using the piece of beadboard for this project.

My boyfriend found this next to the dumpsters at his apartments. It's a shelf that had been cut off of a much larger shelving unit. I just popped off one of the skinny pieces to use. This will become my tree trunk.

wood shelf

I cut these at a 45-degree angle using my chop saw. Each piece is slightly larger than the next to create the tree shape.

cut the wood scraps at a 45 degree angle

Then I painted most of them with some leftover white paint I had. I left some of the pieces their original, aged wood color for a little interest when I put my tree together.

Paint the pieces

 Then I nailed each piece onto the wood "trunk" piece. I used two nails in each piece so that they wouldn't move.

wood scrap tree

I love how it turned out and I was able to use up some little scraps of wood that I had lying around too!

I didn't realize I had such a thing for white trees until I gathered them all up in this vignette!

White Christmas vignette

This is also perfect for winter decor, it's not just for Christmas! I don't know about you but I always find it a little bit depressing after I've put all the Christmas decor away, it just seems so... not cozy anymore. I'm planning to leave some more neutral decor out to act as winter decor with some pretty white twinkling lights.

DIY Wood Scrap Tree

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