Easy Tied Fleece Blanket

22 December
It's only a couple days till Christmas can you believe it?!

Do you have all your shopping done? If not maybe you have someone who is a little more difficult to buy for... at least that's what I'm guessing since you still don't have all your shopping done! 😉

I have a suggestion that is quick, easy, and suitable for almost anyone! It's good for kids, moms and dads, friends, anyone!

Fleece Blanket DIY

You saw the cute tied edge blanket in Bertha's Cozy RV Christmas Tour, that's what I'm going to show you how to make!

These blankets are so easy to make it almost doesn't even warrant a whole blog post! But, I decided to do one anyway in case you've never seen one of these blankets or don't know how to make them.

You could whip one of these out in about an hour! That's perfect for last minute right?

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Supplies Needed

That's it, that's all you need!

To make one blanket you will need two pieces of fleece cut to the same size. I chose a pretty grey Aztec design and a solid white for my blanket. You could choose two complimentary patterns, a pattern and a solid, or two solids.

You will need approximately 2 yards of each pattern. You may choose to go smaller if the blanket will be for a child.

Lay the fabric down flat, one on top of the other, wrong sides together. Then fold it in half lengthwise.

lay the fleece down one on top of the other

Begin cutting all around the edges. Make these strips about 1" wide by about 5" long.

cut around the edges

Cut these all the way around (NOT the folded edge though!) and cut out the corners so it looks like this.

Once you have cut these strips on all the cut edges then open it back up so you have one layer of fleece with the second layer on top. Begin tying the strips together. So in my case, I tied one grey strip to one white strip all the way around.

tie the strips in knots

Tie them in knots.

tie the strips

It will look like this.

tied fleece blanket

Once you have the whole thing tied you are done! You now have a double layered, warm, cozy blanket!

RV tour with fleece blanket

tied fleece blanket DIY

Print one of these cool Blanket Tags from The Paper Stash DIY on Etsy and you have the perfect last-minute gift!
Easy Tied Fleece Blanket

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