Wine Glass Snow Globe

20 December
I had some friends over a few weeks ago for a craft night. There were 6 of us and we made wine glass snow globes!

They were so fun and easy to make, I thought I'd share the one I made before the get together to use as an example.

Wine Glass Snow Globe

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Supplies Needed

I found the most adorable little paper snowman printable over at Soda Pop Design. Just print out the free snowman printable (I had to shrink it down a little bit so it would fit inside the wine glass.

paper snowman pattern

Cut it out...

paper snowman cutout

snowman cutout

I used my paper scoring tool to score along all the fold lines. I don't see my exact tool but there are lots of great scoring tools available HERE.

Go along each of the printed lines with the scoring tool, this will make it so it will fold easily.

score all the lines

Then fold over each section and press it down to crease it.

crease each fold line

You should now have something like this.

fold each one and open it back up

Now begin folding and adhering it together. It will be very self-explanatory how it fits together once you get started. I used hot glue along each little flap.

glue each flap

And you'll have a folded paper ball! (It was at this point that I realized this was too big for a wine glass snow globe so I used the smaller ball as the snowman bottom and printed the smallest pattern at 50% to use as the snowman head)

paper ball

Do the same with the smaller pattern and you'll have two paper balls, one smaller than the other.

paper snowman

Next, trace around the wine glass onto a piece of cardboard and then do it again on a piece of white scrapbook paper.

 Cut those both out.

cut out a circle of cardboard and cardstock

Glue the white circle onto the cardboard circle with white craft glue. Then glue the snowman onto that. Make sure you have him centered and the wine glass will fit over him!

Use the end of a paintbrush and white paint to make snowflakes on the wine glass.

white paint

Make the dots on the inside of the wine glass and allow to dry completely.

paint snowflakes on the wine glass

Add some fake snow inside the wine glass and use white craft glue to add a bead of glue all around the lip of the wine glass

TIPS: make sure to test fit to see if you have to remove or add more snow before you glue this down! Add some snow, lay the cardboard circle with your snowman over the top and flip it over to test.

Use white craft glue, hot glue dries way to fast when it hits the glass and you won't have time to get the glue neatly all the way around the glass!

add some fake snow inside the wine glass

Once you have the bead of glue around the glass then lay the cardboard with the snowman down onto it, flip it over and set it on a flat surface to dry. Weight it down with something while it dries.

weight it down while it dries

The snowman nose was made with a rolled piece of orange paper and his eyes were dotted on with black paint. You could also give him a mouth and buttons!

Use a tea light candle on top! Add a strip of cute paper or washi tape around the metal candle base to spruce it up!

tea light

Add some tinsel garland or some sort of trim around the bottom edge to hide the glue and cardboard circle.

snowman snow globe

wine glass snow globe/candle holder

Christmas snow globe

The other one is what I made at our craft night get together.

snow globes from wine glasses

diy snow globe

Wine Glass Snow Globe

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