Altered Valentine's Day Muffin Tin

I mentioned in my weekly newsletter a couple of weeks ago that I was ready to dive into some Valentine's Day crafts, how about you?!

My first project this year for Valentine's Day is an altered muffin tin! I just love a project where I can use all kinds of doodads I've gathered and saved. I'm like a magpie bringing little bits and bobs back to my nest 😂

Valentine's Day muffin tin

I've had this old muffin tin for a few years. I bought it specifically to make something out of it but just haven't gotten around to it until now!

old muffin tin

I sprayed it red for Valentine's Day of course!

altered muffin tin

Then I cut circles to fit inside each space from various scrapbook papers.

Valentine's Day muffin tin

I wanted them to be a little closer to the front of the tin instead of buried so I used round wood disks to bring everything forward a bit more. I glued them in the bottom of the tin.

old muffin tin Valentine

For one I glued a silver tinsel pipe cleaner around the disk.

altered muffin tin

And then added the paper disk, you can see the tinsel peeking out!

This soldier picture is something I've had, I cut him into a heart shape and added a couple of small hearts.

Then I added him, along with a red wooden heart and "honey" sticker on the paper disk. One down!

For this one, I used a pom-pom that came off some vintage pom-pom trim and trimmed it into a heart shape. Then added mini pom-pom trim around the edge.

altered Valentine

I used a couple of game tiles for the number '14' in this space.

Valentine muffin tin

For the next space, I made a little button flower. I used my circle punch for a base for the flower.

button flower

And started gluing the buttons around the circle.

button flower diy

how to make a button flower

Then I added another button on top.

flower made from buttons

And one more with some pink twine.

make a button flower

I also used a pink paper muffin cup in this one!

muffin tin for valentine's day

I used some pink tinsel garland and vintage millinery flowers for this spot.

altered valentine

I once found a bag of little blue and red ceramic bird beads. I used one of them and made him a little party hat to cover the hole in his tiny bead head!

valentine's day crafts

I found this heart locket in my jewelry hoard and added it to the top along with a vintage pink bread tab with some stickers!

altered muffin tin

I added a few more stickers around the edges and glitter on the two circles in the center.

valentine's day altered art

muffin tin altered for Valentine's Day

Altered Valentine's Day Muffin Tin