California Design Den Bed Sheets Review

08 January
Thank you to California Design Den for partnering with me to bring you this review post! Financial compensation was received for this post and a sample product was gifted. Ideas and opinions expressed here are my own. This post may also contain affiliate links, click here to read my disclosure policy.

I try to live my life frugally as much as possible. For me, I don't need those expensive brands of makeup, name brand clothing, or fancy jewelry. I shop at Goodwill and get my name brand clothes second-hand. I find that the less expensive brands of makeup work just fine for me, and I just don't wear a lot of jewelry anyway.

But one time, years ago, I received a set of 800 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets as a gift and I was hooked! I just couldn't believe how soft they were! I eventually wore them out and I just couldn't bring myself to spend the amount of money that they charge for high-end sheets! Heck, if I'm being honest I have a hard time paying for cheap sheets! But ever since then I have longed for those super soft sheets.

Recently I was approached by California Design Den asking if I would like to review a set of their 100% cotton sheets.

California Design Den Bed Sheets Review

I agreed because truthfully I needed some new sheets 😏

But oh my goodness, I am so glad I took them up on the offer! Right from the get-go, I was impressed! They came packaged in a plastic, zippered bag just like most sheets but then, when I unfolded them a cute little envelope flipped out!

Sheet review

What's this I thought... maybe it's just me but this is the first time I've ever received a thank you note inside my sheets! It's the little things like this that make something stand out above the rest.

The note talks about how the sheets are made, gives you a way to contact them should anything be wrong, and there is a QR code to scan with your phone to go directly to their store! There is another card that has care instructions too!

bed sheets review

Once I was ready to put them on my bed I found a little tag on the fitted sheet...

It says "head/foot"... well, color me impressed! I find it most annoying when I try to put the fitted sheet on and I have it facing the wrong direction! Again... #littlethings!

California Design Den sheets

Then it came time for bed...

black sheets

I crawled in and it was like those luxuriously comfortable sheets I had from years ago! 😍

comfy bed

I chose black sheets because my bedroom walls are black and I thought it just felt luxurious and fancy to have black sheets to match!

queen black sheets

While we are here, talking about sheets, I'm going to show you how to make a bed with hospital corners!

My mom taught me to make my bed this way and it's how I've always done it... my ex-husband hated it! Mwuahahaha! 😈

First, put on the fitted sheet, then the top sheet on top of that. Tuck in the foot of the top sheet.

how to make a bed with hospital corners

Then grab the bottom, side of the top sheet close to the foot area...

hospital corners

...and drape it up over the top like so and tuck in the side piece that is still hanging down...

how to make a bed

Now fold that part that you draped over the top of the mattress back down.

hospital corner sheet technique

And then tuck that in as well. Repeat that process on the other side and now you have a fancy fold technique to go with these fancy sheets should you choose to buy some!

hospital folded sheet corner

If you haven't already figured it out, I am really impressed with these sheets! They are really nicely made, feel like you are sliding in between two clouds, and they have those little extras that make it a "sheet experience"! lol!

bed sheets review

Here are some more details about California Design Den sheets that I found impressive.

  • CERTIFIED STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX - tests for harmful substances. Extensive product checks and regular company audits ensure that the industry has a globally sustainable awareness of the responsible use of chemicals. The fabric is then tested for meeting performance like no pilling, shrinkage, colorfastness, tear strength and thread count authenticity before being individually measured and stitched to perfection. Then it is inspected, piece by piece, to be defect free and packed as a set.
  • LEED v4 GOLD CERTIFIED - Made Ethically in India in a certified, socially compliant and awarded factory which supports more than 300 working families. The fabric is manufactured in one of its kind Gold Rated LEED v4 Certified Facility equipped with most modern machinery. The factory is the second manufacturing facility in the World to achieve Gold LEED EBOM certification from the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).
If I'm going to spend money on something I prefer to do it with companies with values like this! For under $50 you can have the high-end luxury that you crave!

California Design Den Bed Sheets Review

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