Upcycled Clock Winter Wonderland

05 January
We are five days into the new year, how is it treating you so far?

I'm pleased to say it's treating me pretty well!

All of my Christmas decorations are put away and I've been adding some coziness to my house for these long winter months ahead.

My mantle is decorated with some cozy decor and today I'm sharing a new project with an old thrift store clock.

upcycled mantle clock

This is an old mantle clock case that I found at the thrift store several years ago, it was already painted. It's been sitting around just waiting for a sweet makeover!

vintage mantle clock

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Supplies Needed

In order to create a sweet little winter wonderland, this clock body needed a platform inside to put things on. I had this piece of cardboard that was inside a new set of sheets.


I used it to cut and make a little platform for my vignette.

cardboard platform

I just glued the front of the cardboard to the front of the clock inside. and then put a bead of glue along the back edge of the cardboard and wedged it down inside the clock.

make  a tiny scene inside an old clock

Then I glued a piece that I cut from an old wool sweater to the top of the cardboard to create a cozy winter look.

create a scene inside an old clock

upcycled clock

These are my items I'm using to create my winter wonderland scene.

bottle brush trees and mini deer

I cut a piece of thick cardstock to cover the hole in the back of the clock (you'll see why soon) and then glued the trees inside off to one side.

glue the trees inside the clock

bottle brush trees

clock vignette

winter scene

Then I smeared some more glue over the top of the felt and a little on the deer's head and sprinkled artificial snow over it all.

fake snow

I found these little white rice lights at my local craft store.

rice lights

I wanted the lights to be kind of like little stars so I poked a hole every here and there in the cardstock and poked the little lights through.

adding rice lights

Then I taped the cords along the bottom just to keep them from moving around too much.

tape the lights to the back

I also taped the battery pack to the back of the clock with double-sided adhesive strips.

double sided adhesive

rice lights

They look pretty cute!

winter scene in an old clock case

It looks cute with the lights off too, they look like little snowflakes!

winter vignette in an upcycled clock

So... if you happen to see an old clock like this (or even a newer clock) at the thrift store or a garage sale, remember this little project!

upcycled mantle clock

It could even be an Easter or spring display with bunnies and green trees!

repurposed mantle clock

Upcycled Clock Winter Wonderland

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