Dollhouse Kitchen Details - Part II

24 March
I've still been working on my dollhouse and having so much fun with it! I love designing the rooms and seeing my mini vision come true!

Today I'm sharing part 2 of the details of the kitchen. I made some Rae Dunn inspired canisters, some cute little cutting boards, and a tiny apron that hangs on the wall!

Miniature Rae Dunn Inspired Canisters

The canisters are from I used an extra fine point Sharpie to create my Rae Dunn inspired canisters.

Rae Dunn inspired miniature canisters

dollhouse Rae Dunn canisters

I also made a couple of tiny cutting boards!

dollhouse cutting boards

I used a wooden ice cream spoon.

miniature cutting boards

I cut this one with an X-acto knife to look like cut marks on a real cutting board.

mini cutting board

dollhouse kitchen

I made a hook on the wall from the hook part of a hook & eye.

dollhouse farmhouse hook

And then I made a little apron from a piece of wide, white ribbon and thinner ribbon for the ties.

dollhouse apron

Dollhouse Kitchen apron on a hook

My mom and I recently went to an antique show and I found this tiny little frying pan with eggs!

dollhouse stove

Dollhouse Kitchen Details

Dollhouse Kitchen Details - Part II

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