Treasure Trove Tuesday - My Latest Thrifting Finds

04 August
I went to Goodwill the other day! I'm so happy that the thrift stores are open again now, I've been missing my thrifting jaunts 😁

Now that I've got almost everything I had hoarded listed in my Etsy shop, Little Boho Cottage, and things have been selling like crazy, I actually need to restock a little bit!

Would you like to see what I found?

I am keeping some of these finds but the rest will make their way into the shop!

Treasure Trove Tuesday - My Latest Thrifting Finds

Treasure Trove Tuesday Finds
The first thing I found was this hummingbird feeder, it was $2.99 and appeared to be in really good shape.

hummingbird feeder

Since I've been working on my yard again, and I just love watching the birds, I thought it would be so nice to have some hummingbirds come to visit! 

hummingbird feeder

I hung it up Sunday afternoon and on Monday morning there was a little cutie flitting around it! I was so excited and a little surprised that he found it so quickly!!

backyard hummingbird feeder

I used a recipe for nectar that I found at Bird Watching HQ.

Next, I went down the picture aisle and found a couple that I'll be dressing up a bit. Check out this post for some really fun ideas for dressing up old pictures: 9 Awesome Ways to Upcycle Thrift Store Paintings.

Price $1.99 each, Value after altering, $24 - 26.


This one is really nicely done. At first, I thought it was a print decoupaged onto a board but it's actually a painting!

painting detail

Then I turned down the aisle with all the dishes and glasses. I found this cool Mexican redware pottery! 

Mexican redware pottery

It's marked on the bottom, "Made in Mexico," though you can barely see that.

redware pottery marking

I love the folky, hand-painted details.

It was also just $1.99, Value $22 - 24

Mexican redware pottery details

Then I found this Talavera Mexican pottery bowl. I love how vibrant the colors are!

Talavera pottery bowl

I've seen them called salsa bowls or trinket bowls.

Price $2.99, Value $10 - 12.

Mexican Talavera Pottery

This Mary figurine is made of plastic.

Mary figurine

She's a strange color too... kind of purple but I liked her details. She was $2.99.

plastic Mary figurine

I painted her white and added her to my white Mary collection. See her nestled in the back there?

collection of Mary figurines

I may give her another coat of a creamier off-white color but I don't have any right now.

religious figurines

upcycled plastic Mary figurine

This wooden carving of Jesus on the cross is different. I didn't know what INRI meant but I looked it up and found that In Latin, the text “JESUS OF NAZARETH, THE KING OF THE JEWS” would have been written, “Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum.” Abbreviated, this phrase results in “INRI.”

carved Jesus on the cross

Price $1.99, Value $16 - 18.

INRI carving

This little bag of plaques caught my eye.

bag of plaques

It's a bag full of adorable little owl paintings!!

owl painting

owl plaque

Look how tiny!! Eeek!

tiny owl wall hanging

They make a sweet little grouping!

Price $1.99, Value $14 - 16.

owl wall hanging grouping

I also found this Mexican pottery candle holder.

Mexican pottery candle holder

I have another larger one. I've never seen one since I got the larger one but I fell in love with it, I just love all the colors and details.

Mexican pottery candle holder

I was so excited to find another one!! It was $3.99.

candle holder

This is the one I already had.

boho candle holder

The larger one is marked on the bottom, the smaller one isn't marked.

These old iron trivets were actually given to me, I didn't get them at Goodwill. I'm trying to decide if I should paint them or leave as is. What do you think?

iron trivets

Price Free, Value $15 - 20 each.

iron trivet marking

And finally, I found this plastic Better Homes and Gardens tray with succulents on it.

Better Homes and Gardens Succulent Tray

It's perfect for serving stuff outside!

succulent serving tray

plastic BHG tray

It was $2.99.

serving tray

That's it for this haul, what's your favorite item?

Treasure Trove Tuesday - My Latest Thrifting Finds

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