DIY Boucle Upholstered Bed Frame

11 September

My daughter and I have been working every weekend (and some weekdays) on the little house she'll be moving into.

So far we've painted the whole interior of the house, shampooed all the carpets, had the old linoleum floors in the kitchen, dining room, and laundry room replaced, installed privacy blinds, a new air conditioner in the loft upstairs, and a new stacking washer and dryer.

She chose her loft bedroom to fix up first, and while it's not done yet, we did get it set up enough that she'll feel at home and comfortable. You can check out the loft bedroom updates here: Small Loft Bedroom Updates.

We are moving her in this weekend and I hope to be sharing more fun updates soon but in the meantime, we did a little DIY project for her bedroom that I'm sharing today!

DIY Boucle Upholstered Bed Frame

DIY Boucle Upholstered Bed Frame

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Do you know what Boucle is? I didn't, I had to look it up.

It's a yarn with a curled or looped ply and boucle fabric is fabric made with this yarn. It's pronounced boo-clay. It's VERY popular and trending in furniture right now... all the cool kids have it 😂

And since my daughter and I are super cool, we had to have some in her new house, haha!

I saw this awesome bed on Instagram from Vintage Visions 😍 I don't believe this is boucle, it almost looks like carpet to me. If you like the looks of this room, you've GOT to check out the rest of his house, it's amazing!

DIY Boucle Upholstered Bed Frame

Then my daughter saw this one from but it's $960 😲

DIY Boucle Upholstered Bed Frame

I have a video below sharing how we made a DIY boucle upholstered bed frame and the tutorial in blog post format right below that.

The supplies we used are listed below. If you are making this, please make sure you measure your bed. The bed I gave to my daughter is a queen-size and the existing frame is only about 13" tall. It is a bed very similar to this one. We used 1x12 boards so about an inch of the existing bedframe shows and we don't mind that but if your bed is taller, you may need wider boards.

Supplies needed:
  • 2 - 1" x 12" boards for the sides (our bed is queen size and we used 8' boards)
  • 1 - 1 x 12" board for the end (we used a 6' board)
  • 4 - L brackets
  • 3/4" wood screws to attach the L brackets
  • Drill to predrill the screw holes and screwdriver
  • Staple gun
  • Batting
  • Sherpa faux fur (we used 2 yards)

Step 1 - Measure and cut the boards

Measure the length and width of your bed and mark the measurements on the boards. We added about an inch to the length so that it would be sure to hide the existing bed frame.

DIY Boucle Upholstered Bed Frame

Cut the boards using the measurements you marked.

TIP: You can have the boards cut at Home Depot if you figure out your measurements beforehand.

DIY Boucle Upholstered Bed Frame

Test the fit to make sure the boards fit around your bed.

NOTE: We only used two side pieces and one end piece at the foot of the bed since the head of the bed is up against the wall. We saved a little money (wood is expensive!) by not having an end piece at the head where it will be against the wall and not show anyway.

DIY Boucle Upholstered Bed Frame

Step 2 - Attach the boards together

Attach the two side boards to the end board using the L brackets and wood screws. We used two brackets on each side for a total of four brackets.

Mark each hole for the brackets and predrill so you won't split the wood.

TIP: I highly recommend putting this together away from the bed if you have room and sliding it in place around the bed once you are finished. It will be very difficult to attach the batting and fabric around the frame if it is already in place around the bed.

DIY Boucle Upholstered Bed Frame

Step 3 - Add batting

I found a big bag of batting at Goodwill for $6.99 which was also a great money saver and fit right in with our plan to DIY and thrift everything we possibly can!

DIY Boucle Upholstered Bed Frame

Since it is thrifted I don't know the density but we did end up triple-folding it so it had the plushness we wanted. If you are buying batting new, get the densest that you can or buy enough of the thinner batting that you can double- or triple-fold it.

DIY Boucle Upholstered Bed Frame

Use a staple gun to attach the batting. Start on the top of the wood frame you built and staple it onto the edge of the boards all the way around the bed.

DIY Boucle Upholstered Bed Frame

DIY Boucle Upholstered Bed Frame

Staple the bottom of the batting to the bottom of the boards. There is no need to wrap it over the bottom edge since it is sitting on the ground.

DIY Boucle Upholstered Bed Frame

DIY Boucle Upholstered Bed Frame

Step 4 - Add the fabric

This is what the Sherpa faux fur that we purchased looks like. I think it's a great compromise between the two inspiration pieces.

TIP: You may be able to find an inexpensive sherpa blanket at Walmart. Our store didn't have one.

DIY Boucle Upholstered Bed Frame

We purchased two yards of this fabric. It is 52" wide so we cut 3 strips at about 17" wide each.

DIY Boucle Upholstered Bed Frame

Staple the fabric to the wood over the batting, this time wrap it all the way over the top of the bed frame and batting and staple it on the inside of the wood frame.

DIY Boucle Upholstered Bed Frame

Staple all along the top inside edge and then pull the fabric over the bottom of the frame and staple to the bottom inside edge.

We used some extra fabric to cut a little panel to cover the raw edges on both sides. You could also stitch it closed with a blind stitch.

DIY Boucle Upholstered Bed Frame

Here is a cost breakdown for our new DIY boucle upholstered bed:

Lumber - $69.70
Batting - $6.99 (thrifted)
Sherpa - $41.26
L-brackets - $0 (I had them)

Total - $117.95

We are pretty happy with how it turned out! What do you think?

DIY Boucle Upholstered Bed Frame

We have many more projects coming soon including an accent wall using a very interesting paint effect, some wallpaper accent walls, some furniture upcycles, decorating, and lots more!

If you enjoyed this post or found it to be helpful, I'd love it if you would share it!


DIY Boucle Upholstered Bed Frame

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  1. A very clever makeover! Upgrades the look of the whole room.

    1. Hey! Long time no see!! Thank you so much, hope you have been well.

  2. I saw your video on YouTube and you two are quite a team. You are passing on that "girls can do!" As someone who has sewn for many years, I remember boucle (pronounced "boo-clay) and have always loved it. Glad to see it's coming back.

    1. It is very soft and luxurious feeling and I love the look!

  3. I love it. It adds a comfy soft look to the bedroom!


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