Create The Home You've Always Wanted

Are you tired of feeling like your life is hectic, busy… even out of control? And then coming home to a house that feels less like a home and more like another stress factor?

I can help!

No matter what place you consider home, the very thought of home resonates inside each of us. It means sanctuary… the place we can rest, enjoy time with friends and just be. Our homes should speak to who we are and what we think is important in life.

But modern life can be hectic and busy and feel like it is spinning out of control. There is always too much to do and not enough time to get it all done, and at the end of the day, sometimes it feels like we are so busy just surviving that there doesn’t seem to be any room left to make ourselves feel at home and comfortable in our own spaces.

Do you wish you could come home to a peaceful, unique-to-you, safe haven from all the chaos of everyday life but you just don’t have the time or energy to shop for the things you want and need to make it happen? 

Do you long for a place that you feel truly reflects your personality? A place you can call home sweet home?

Let me help.

Do you love unique, vintage, and affordable home décor?
But you know it takes hours of thrifting and antique shopping to find the good stuff! Who has time for that right?!

Well, I have done all the legwork for you!

I have found those unique items through relentless haunting of thrift stores, estate sales, and even the side of the road!

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Hi, I'm Tania
When I was growing up my mom worked hard to create a beautiful, unique, safe haven where we felt peaceful and at home. And during my adult life, I have tried to get the same feeling… a place that feels unique to me and my family.
But, I was struggling to find the unique pieces I needed to create my own space.

I didn’t want my home to look like everyone else’s who shopped at the large chain stores.

I have discovered that the kind of uniqueness that I crave is only achieved through items that I truly love, items that speak to me by evoking certain memories or feelings, or just by making my eyes turn to little emoji hearts! 😍

During my thrift shopping excursions, I have found unique items that I not only use to decorate my own home to create that feeling I love but I also offer a large selection of those finds to you!

We are all busy and sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day to be able to spend the time and energy needed to find the items we love and need to create our peaceful retreat.

I have done all the legwork for you, spent countless hours hunting down these treasures and I have cleaned and made any needed repairs so you don’t have to!

Have a few minutes of downtime between meetings or flights? Want to do a little browsing during your lunch hour? Maybe your only real free time is early in the morning or late at night when the rest of the house is asleep… you can shop in your pajamas while sipping coffee or tea!



I originally received this mug from my parents for Easter in 1983. I used it daily for years until my Dad dropped it while washing it. We glued it, twice. I found another 20 years later at a thrift store, was ecstatic! My dad used it~ dropped it and broke it, again. He has since passed and I had people all over the country looking for a replacement. I saw them on this site and immediately bought it. It was delivered within 3 or 4 days and I am using it daily, thinking of my dad.
Even prettier than the picture; shipped really fast, and simply but beautifully packaged! Thank you thank you thank you!

Such an awesome owner!! Shipping was super-fast and great communication! Thanks so much!!

My order arrived SO quickly and it is beautiful. It is in excellent condition. I can't wait to incorporate this into my home. Thank you!

Wow!!! Thank you so much for putting this beautiful collection together. It will look great in my kitchen. Safe packaging and it came quickly! 😍

  • Vintage home decor items you won't find anywhere else.
  • Shop from anywhere, on your terms, and in your pajamas if you want!
  • Discover unique home decor that will transform your home into a unique-to-you, peaceful, safe haven from a chaotic, busy life.
  • Identify your own personal style and create a home you love.

Of course, I realize that a shop full of beautiful goodies isn't going to transform your life.

You will also find inspiration, creative DIY and home decor tutorials and much more on the blog: Little Vintage Cottage! So it's more than just a pretty shop, it's a place where you'll experiment with finding your own style... after all, it's your home, don't be afraid to color outside the lines!

100% money back guarantee!
There’s no risk to you, if you don’t love your purchase, just return the item and I’ll give you a full refund including the original shipping amount you spent! And to make you feel even better, I have not had a single return since I’ve opened the shop!
Don’t miss out on the item that makes your heart go pitter-pat!
...the item that helps you begin to create the home you love or puts the finishing touches on the peaceful safe haven you have worked hard to create.
You will find an eclectic mix of beautiful, unique, vintage finds that you may not find any other place and you definitely won’t find them in the big box stores! And be sure to add Little Boho Cottage to your list of favorites or bookmark it, I add new items weekly! Have something in mind that you are looking for but don’t see it in the shop? Drop me a line and let me know what you are looking for, I’ll add it to my shopping list!
Bonus… once you order, you will receive a coupon code to use for free shipping on your next order!