Laundry Room Redo - Hiding the Electrical Panel & Hot Water Heater

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I'm still plugging away on my laundry room and having so much fun too I might add! ;o) This weekend I worked on hiding the ugly electrical panel and disguising the hot water heater! Let's start with how I hid the electrical panel.

How to hid your electrical panel and hot water heater

Here is a reminder of what I'm talking about.

 Remember the ugly electrical panel? It's HUGE and right smack dab in plain eyesight!!

Here is how I hid it! It's actually a pegboard! I got the idea from The Posh Place! If you're wondering why I didn't just paint it you can check out her post and you'll see why. I'll show you how I made mine.


Wood Pegboard Panel
1 " X 2 " boards
Flat Corner Braces
Fabric of your choice
Staple Gun/Staples
Assorted Peg Board Pegs
D-Ring Hangers

I had a piece of pegboard left over from my shed project at my old house that was already the perfect size.

Isn't this fabric cute? I found it at Jo-Ann's. I haven't been in there for awhile and I was very pleasantly surprised that they have LOTS of new fabric! Last time it seemed like everything was old-fashioned and not trendy... now they even have chevron in all different colors! I wanted something that would make me smile whenever I walked by, I think this cute fabric does the trick! :o)

This is where I started building my frame and promptly forgot to keep taking pictures. Sorry! I'm bad at that! Basically what I did was use the 1" x 2"s and created a basic frame using the corner braces to attach them together. Then I painted it the same Arctic Cotton white that I've been using throughout the laundry room redo.

My scrap of pegboard was already the size I needed so I just laid it on top of my fabric, both face down, and stapled it to the pegboard, nice and tight!

 It already makes me smile!

Then I attached the covered pegboard to the frame (I just used screws to attach it through the holes in each corner of the pegboard), then attached 2 D-ring picture hangers on the back and hung it up on the wall!

When I was planning this project originally, I had it much more complicated in my head. I was going to screw the whole thing to the wall and cut out a little hinged door in the middle of the pegboard so that I could open it to get to the electrical panel. When I looked at my inspiration again over at The Posh Place I slapped myself in the forehead and said "DUH!". Just hang it up like a picture then when you need to access the electrical panel just take it down (it's so lightweight that you can just lift it right off)!

Next I loaded it up with supplies! All you have to do is figure out where you want to hang your things and use a pair of sharp scissors or an x-acto knife and push a little hole through the fabric for the peg!

I got this clock at Big Lots today along with...

This cute little broom and dustpan set, and the lint roller.

I already had the little black basket made especially for pegboards and I found the scissors in a box of stuff left by the previous homeowners. I always need scissors in the laundry room to cut off the tags from new clothes that I'm about to wash so that I don't have to rip them off and put a hole in my new clothes. I've done that more times that I want to admit :o/

And when I was in the garage searching for my pegs I found this cute little green fly swatter! It was pure luck that everything matches! lol!

And to make the fly swatter even cuter I used some washi tape on the handle to cover up an ugly advertising logo! :o) Dorky I know but it  makes me happy!

Next up was disguising that ugly hot water heater... I mean LOOK AT IT!!!

They didn't even try to hide it! You can see it from the living room, from the kitchen, and of course when you are doing laundry!

I went back to Jo-Ann's to get more fabric but they were all out of the cute floral stuff so I found this coordinating yellow polka-dot fabric!

And I used magnets to attach it around the top of the hot water heater! Genius I know!

It was a happy accident actually. I had a small piece of the floral fabric left over from the pegboard and I laid it on top of the water heater while I was cleaning up and then thought... huh! That might be kind of cute! So I grabbed a magnet off the fridge to tack it up so I could see what it might look like and then thought... well double-huh! I can just use magnets! Then I went into all sorts of self praise... "I amaze myself sometimes", "I'm just a regular Eli Whitney"! .................HEY! I am working all alone here! Whatever it takes to amuse myself!!

Here are some super cute laundry themed magnets I found that would be fun!


Again... I was imagining all kinds of complicated hot water heater covers... building screens, using old fence boards, etc. Why-oh-why must we make things much more complicated than they need be?!

In this picture you can see the labels on the hot water heater through the fabric but I think that's because I used the flash on my camera because you really can't see them very well in person. I think this is a better option than building something that will likely make this very small room feel even smaller... especially since I now have my Laundry Folding Table in there!

Here is the view from the living room.

One more thing I did in there this weekend...

I mounted my new wall-mount drying rack! I had a bulky floor standing one before but this room is just toooo small!

I ordered it from Amazon.

Polder Wall-Mount 24-Inch Accordion Clothes Dryer, White

It is very sturdy... right now I have 2 pairs of jeans, a pair of slacks, a sweater, and a blouse drying on it and it didn't even budge! :o)

I'm really happy with how these two projects turned out, my laundry room makes me smile now!

I think next weekend I'll work on the lighting situation in here and maybe a couple of other small projects I have in mind!

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  1. Very nice transformation! Love the way you covered the water heater. Very clever and what a difference. So simple too. You are a genius! :)

  2. This is the cutest redo ever. Soooo clever! Wish I had a laundry room cuz I would be stealing your ideas.

  3. It looks fabulous! Both projects were pretty simple and both are easily removable if you need to access what's under them---which is a good thing. You never know when that might be necessary. Great job!

  4. Awesome ideas! I love how quick and easy these are and they look fabulous too - great job Tania!!!

  5. Do you ever get tired? LOL! You inspire me with all your awesome projects! I love the fix for the electrical panel and that was a genius idea for the hot water heater. Great thinking! I love the size of your laundry room too. Mine is so small! We hope to build on a new utility room eventually and turn our laundry room into a pantry. Some day! It's far down on the list of to do's!

  6. I feel like this place seems more streamlined. More modern?!! Not every cute thing you see is on display. Very creative and smart ideas to smart-lookingly create a great laundry room. You've worked at your projects quickly too. Love the laundry room!!!!

    1. Thanks so much Gwen! I have a few more projects in mind for this room!


  7. Great job and very creative! Thanks for sharing with the Thursday Blog Hop!

  8. Hello! Great job! Very creative ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Well are genius! Fantastic solutions. I especially like the covered pegboard. Thanks so much for sharing at the Make it Monday Party! Hope to see you again next week.

  10. Wow.. what great solutions. It all looks great!

  11. What super cool ideas! Your laundry looks so pretty. Almost makes you want to do the washing ... almost! So happy you found me. I'm excited to be following you now! :) Julie

  12. What a great "fix" for your water heater AND the electrical ARE a genius!

  13. I've been looking for a little more than a year for a rescue to my hot water heater dilemma. I think I've finally found my answer! Thanks!

    1. I'm glad I could inspire you! I think sometimes we make things way harder than they should be! lol! I was envisioning panels and boxes build around it until I finally found this simple solution!


  14. I know this looks cute but isn't it a fire hazard?

  15. No,I don't think it is a fire hazard. My hot water heater is a standard electric one, the outside of the heater does not even get warm, only the pipes on the top which are not covered by anthing. There are no wires near the area I covered, they must be at the back where I can't reach! You can also buy insulated covers for them so I think it's fine. :o)


  16. Oh sweet! My basement laundry room is a bit drab. This has inspired me for sure!

  17. Awesome Rachel, I'm glad I could inspire!! I had also considered something else around my hot water heater... like folding shutters (kind of like the louvered closet doors you see) but I was very limited on space. If you have more room in your basement and the fabric makes you at all uncomfortable I would try something like that instead!



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