DIY Concrete Garden Spheres - Weekend Yard Work Series

24 July
How to make concrete garden spheres

DIY concrete garden spheres like these are really simple to make with just a few simple supplies!
Here is how to make them:

  • Concrete (1 bag makes about 3 spheres)
  • Container to mix concrete
  • Shovel to mix and help pour
  • Glass light globes
  • Box and scrap newspapers
  • Paper grocery sack
  • Hammer

Step 1) Mix up some concrete to the consistency of pancake batter (note, you probably don't want to mix up the entire bag at once or your container will be so heavy you'll have a hard time pouring it).

Step 2) Arrange the light globes in the box with the newspapers wadded  up underneath so they stand upright with the hole facing up.

Step 3) Pour or scoop the concrete into the light globes.

It's not a big deal if you don't get it all in the globes since they are neatly contained in a box that you will just toss out when you are done! And you don't have to spray or coat the glass globes with anything, they will come right off after your concrete has cured.

I started by scooping with the small shovel but that was taking too long so I just ended up pouring it in.

You can pour the concrete all the way level with the opening lip (this creates a little pedestal for them to stand on) or stop so they are more rounded.

Step 4) Let them harden and cure for about 24 hours. (This part is hard I know! Patience!!)

Step 5) Put one at a time inside a brown paper sack and just gently tap the glass with a hammer (don't hit it very hard at all with the hammer, the concrete is still not completely cured and you don't want to damage your new spheres!)

The glass just falls right off and again, you have it all neatly contained in the bag which you can just toss in the garbage!

Then you are left with these! The large one on the left is what they look like after they are completely cured.

You can find globe light fixtures fairly easily at thrift shops and garage sales... I found one at a garage sale, one at the Habitat for Humanity store, and one at a local thrift store. 
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  1. Love this idea! I already have several of the globes in my garden with a solar light under them so I have a glowing ball at night. But, I'm going to look for some more so I can make the cement balls~ Thanks for the idea!

  2. Wow, love this post. I have always used beach balls for doing an outside sphere and passed up those globes at thrift stores....NOW I thin I will be doing a few inside ones.

    Thanks so much for sharing this!


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