Vintage Christmas Charm - Displaying Vintage Holiday Collectibles

30 October
I love vintage Christmas items don't you? I think many of us are drawn to the charm and history that vintage holiday decorations hold.

vintage Christmas display ideas

When I see something that speaks to me, I am immediately compelled to buy it! And then I want to buy many more!

Having said that, even though many of us are charmed by these vintage holiday decorations, some may wonder, “what would I do with it?”, “where would I put it?” I’ve done that myself too. So I thought it would be fun to gather up some fun ideas for how to display these collections!

The picture below shows two collections... vintage bottle brush trees and small tree ornaments. You can see that grouping these collections together is a great way to showcase them, they make a much bigger impact that way rather than scattered around a room.

I think it's almost always better to have more than just one, especially for small ornaments and figurines. They make more of an impact when displayed as a collection.

 Source: Stockroom Vintage
These little Putz houses are adorable on their own, but look how sweet they look when set up in their own little town setting!

 Source: All That's Vintage
Source: Cardboard Christmas
How about something like this for those small ceramic figurines? See what I mean? One of these alone would be cute but they have such an impact all together!

Source: Organized Clutter Queen
Vintage Christmas cards and paper ephemera can always be stored and displayed in a book. Set it out on the coffee table during the holidays as a fun “look book”.

Source: Retro Road Map
Or how about displaying them in an up-cycled book display? I really like both of these ideas!

Source: Kim Pennington
 So, do you have any fun vintage holiday collections? If so, how do you display them?

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  1. I have a few vintage items, I don't usually group them together, but I think that now maybe I will! :)

  2. Love all that kitschy Christmas stuff---and I have plenty. I do display it in groupings whenever possible. One here and there just gets lost, but a group makes a nice statement and looks much cuter!


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