What to do with a vintage fabric calendar!

04 May
Vintage fabric calendars or calendar tea towels... I'm sure everyone either a) remembers having one of these, or b) has seen them at garage sales and thrift stores.

Vintage Fabric Calendar Crafts
Source: Kikisrewinddesigns

I don't know why but I love them, especially the ones that have been washed many times and are soft and a little bit faded.😍

I found a BUNCH of them at a garage sale with my mom yesterday and picked out some to take home.

There was a woman at the sale who felt like a lot of us feel at times... "why would anyone save all of these?!" she exclaimed, and "what would you DO with them?!" Really, you should have heard the confusion in her voice!

 Source: FineFrugality
I didn't say anything but I thought to myself if no one saved things we wouldn't have all of the glorious vintage and antique items that we do! I mean really... who knows why people save the things that they do! But the fact is... they do!

While I was picking through the box FULL of them at the sale I couldn't think much past tote bags, pillows, and a pair of pajama pants I had seen made out of them but I knew there must be more... my mom and I even stood there and discussed it for a minute.

So this morning I decided to search Etsy and just see what else I could find made with these sweet little vintage pieces of history. Well, I found quite a bit so I made an Etsy treasury of what I found! (Hint: You can also click on each one of the pictures below and go directly to their Etsy shop! Yay!)

'Days Gone By' by LittleVintageCottage

A collection of creative things to do with vintage linen calendar towels!

1968 Calendar cushion cover,...

red.neck Chic introduces: &q...

January Birthday Ornament - ...

Old Mill Calendar Apron 1974...

1970 Calendar Market Tote Ba...

Floral Bread Bag made from a...

Vintage Tea Towel Scatter Cu...

Upcycled Vintage 1973 Calend...

Organic Mini Messenger in Vi...

Birds Fly Baby Cap made from...

Linen Calendar Heart sachet-...

Bird Ornament - June - Repur...

Cheery folk people baby shoe...

1977 Calendar Girl Vintage T...

Retro Vintage 1974 Calendar ...

Waist Apron - Upcycled Vinta...
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I made some plastic bag dispensers with a few of these old towels: Repurposed Calendar Tea Towels

So, I'm curious... have you ever seen these vintage calendars? Have you ever thought past the fact that it's not the current year? If not, what do you think now? :o)

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  1. I have always thought these calendars were so neat! I remember my granny's having some over the years. I would love to have one with my birth year on it if the design was also one I liked. Maybe I'll start searching for one. I love the items you found on Etsy...so cool! People are so creative Hope your weekend has been a lovely one!

    Blessings, Vicky


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