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22 July
Recycled Garden Hose Wreath

Today I'm sharing the how-to for making a recycled hose wreath. These are great for hanging on the door, a fence, or a gate like I did.

recycled garden hose wreath
Isn't it cute? I found two old hoses to try. The green one is short (I'd say about 10 feet) and came from a free pile at a garage sale, the yellow one is from the dump, I tried to make a second wreath with the yellow hose but it kept kinking (gee... maybe that's why it was at the dump! :o)
Here are the supplies you'll need to make your own:
  • Old hose (long enough to wrap into a wreath shape about 3 or 4 circles thick)
  • Zip ties
  • Floral wire
  • Silk or plastic flowers
  • Garden gloves (I found mine at the $1 store)
  • Flower pot
  • Ribbon
Step 1) To begin, start rolling the hose into a wreath shape the size you want. Secure with a couple of zip ties.

You could tuck the ends of the hose in so they can't be seen but I wanted to see them on my wreath... it makes it more evident that it is a garden hose to me. :o)

Step 2) Arrange your flowers.

I went through my stash of silk flowers and picked out a few that I thought would look nice. Here I just laid them on the hose to see what it would look like.

Once you have found an arrangement that pleases you secure them with more zip ties or green floral wire.

I like to use up every bit of supplies I have so I even used the wire stems that I cut off some of the flowers and made little squiggles to tuck in among the flowers.

To make these I just wrapped the wire stem around a pencil or another piece of stem and then pulled it off to get the squiggle!

Tuck them into the arrangement and hook one end around another stem to secure.

Step 3) Secure the floral arrangement to the hose.

Once you are done adding flowers, greenery, and squiggles secure with more zip ties or floral wire. (I prefer floral wire because it will be less visible and easier to cover in the end)

 I did this in a couple of places to make sure all the flowers were secure.

Step 4) Add the garden gloves and flower pot.

Use floral wire to secure the gloves over the center area of your flower arrangement. Just wrap the wire around the center area of the gloves.

After wiring them onto the hose you can arrange them by pulling the tops and bottoms out and to the sides to separate them a little bit so you can tell they are gloves.

The Terracotta pot is then attached in the same manner over the top of the gloves.

You can use ribbon, like I did here, to hide the wire holding the pot onto the wreath. Just thread it through the hole in the bottom of the pot and tie at the top, over the wire.

Step 5) add a ribbon hanger by tying it around a piece of the hose toward the back and hang up your new, cute garden wreath!

I hung mine on my backyard gate!

Tip: If all you have is a longer hose, you could cut one end and just tuck that into the flowers so it won't show but roll it up to the size you think you want BEFORE you cut it! ;o)

I love how this little garden wreath adds a touch of whimsy to my backyard!

Is this something you think you'd attempt to make?
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