Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

Here's what I found this weekend!!

Thrifting finds

I picked up this adorable little tomato pan for only $1! It was brand new, still in the box and I think it's adorable so I think I'll be keeping it :o)

I found a pretty, white dish to add to my collection, I love the chipped and discolored edges! It was $1.50.

A vintage shoe box...I have a lot of my craft supplies stored in vintage hat boxes but I think I have enough though so I'll probably list this in my shop, Little Vintage Cottage.

A pile of old brushes... I love them! I think they would make fun photo displays, just stick your photo down in the bristles... great conversation piece too!

and I thought this package of guest towels was adorable!

I also picked up this really cool ice bucket... just need to find some ice tongs to include with it.

I fell in love with this little velvet box too.

I think I'll make an altered collage or some sort in it.

A Gurley candle... just needs to be cleaned up a bit and it will be adorbs again!

Vintage glitter...

Cute little metal recipe box.

A folding ruler...

A box of vintage Christmas ornaments. I really just wanted the box to make a collage with.

I thought these little polka dot plates were cute, they'll be fun to add in with a vintage Melmac set of dishes!

And you can see the vintage quilt piece underneath. pretty :o)

I really just bought this for the box... I think it's cool and I like to store my craft supplies in old boxes. It was full of little bits and bob!

I've been wanting to replace my ugly plastic shower curtain hooks and I found these cute ones for just $2!

I loved this vintage latch hook rug... I have a black one similar to it.

My mom and I ripped this light fixture right off the wall at an estate sale... hey... if they are going to leave it in the room it's fair game!! Lol!

 and I found myself a pair of cute rubber boots for just $2!

That's it for this week!

What do you think? Did you find any treasures lately?


Lorna Howells said...

Tania I would love to come shopping with you - you find the cutest things. I agree the tomato pot is adorable and the polka dot plates are just devine.

Susan @ SunflowerHugs said...

$2 for the rubber boots!! You are so lucky! Love all the rest!

Vicky Hunt said...

That tomato pot is the cutest! I have a small white platter just like that one...or at least I think it is just like it. You found some great things as always! Have a wonderful evening.

Blessings, Vicky

Christine said...

Fun finds. I love the guest towels :). And the color coordination of all the goodies you found. Cute. I am glad you were properly dressed when taking the photos of the cool ice bucket! Whenever I see photos of shiny reflective items that old photo of the tea kettle (?) on eBay flashes in my mind! That was a sight best avoided but now is burned into my brain. :(.

Gwen said...

Kind of silly but I see this post and measure my days!!! Oh my its Tuesday?? Already??? I can't believe it! And I've gone shopping by just looking at your post!! Fun

Christine said...

You guessed right on the teakettle eyes!!! my eyes!!! LOL

Little Vintage Cottage said...

Thank you Lorna!


Little Vintage Cottage said...

Lol, not silly at all Gwen! Thanks for "shopping" with me :o)