Laundry Room Redo - Final Reveal

25 November
Hey there, I'm back to show you the final reveal of my laundry room! I've been working hard on this room... you may be wondering what the big deal is, it's just a laundry room after all! But mine is different.

Laundry room reveal

It is right in the center of my house, it is the first thing you see when you walk in the front door of my home, you can see it from the living room, from the dining room, and from the kitchen so I wanted it to look pretty and function well.

The room was a little challenging, it is tiny, it acts as a hallway of sorts, you pass through it to get to the half bath and my bedroom, the kitchen, the living room, and the hallway to the bedrooms. It has a total of 4 doorways into it and one wall is taken up by the washer/dryer, cabinets, and the hot water heater.

This was my list of wants and needs for this little room:
  1. Laundry folding area
  2. Storage for supplies (detergent, fabric softener, etc.)
  3. A place for a hamper, the ironing board, and a clothes drying rack
  4. It had to be pretty
Let's recap what I did for this room makeover. My first project was paint... and for such a small room there was a lot to paint (2 doors, walls, cabinets and trim). I also added a doggy door.

Next I worked on creating open shelving from the old 1960's cabinets that were there.

Then I built a new laundry folding table to fit over the washer and dryer.

The ugly electrical panel and hot water needed to be disguised.

New lighting was in order.

I added a fun sliding barn-style door.

And then came decorating the room.

I put this cabinet in here to hold my vintage laundry collectibles. It is an old gun cabinet that I transformed into a pretty little display case.

I filled it up with my vintage laundry collection. This collection has been whittled down quite a bit, I had a much larger laundry room at my last house and lots more stuff in it!

From this point on I want you to pay attention to the number of clothespins that I have in this room! I have no IDEA where I got SO MANY!! :o/

I repurposed an old scrub brush into a photo stand. It sits atop my grandma's old apron all folded up. I found the picture on Pinterest, isn't she cute!? I cannot believe they actually had to do laundry like that!!

On top is my little cleaning fairy. I found her at a garage sale so many years ago I can't even count, she's made by Boyd's Bears... remember all the moose and bear statues that were so popular?

I love how she's climbing up onto the cabinet, what a thorough little cleaner she is! Wouldn't it just be awesome to have cleaning fairies for real?!

I made a clothespin wreath... also found on Pinterest! I used an old door knob that I had in MY junk stash!  Note: more clothes pins!

I found this fun laundry room sign months ago at TJ Maxx. I never knew that these laundry symbols really existed but I looked at some of the tags on my clothes and there they are! Does anyone really know what they even mean though? Well... I guess I do now because I have this handy sign!

My collection of vintage dry cleaner advertising hangers are displayed inside the new open shelving.

This is the peg hanging rack that was already here. I just painted it the same Arctic Cotton color as the doors and trim and I'm using it to hang my ironing board! Pretty much purely decorative mind you... but every laundry room needs an ironing board doesn't it?!

I had an old washboard and I saw one on Pinterest from a home tour on Apartment Therapy that had been made into a shelf and I though it was such a brilliant idea! You can see that one {here}.

It was such an easy thing to do and it actually serves another purpose other than being a cute shelf now. There used to be baseboard heating in this house and the old wall thermostats are still on the walls... and they are ugly. So I yanked the one in the laundry room off the wall, capped the wires and now the washboard is covering the hole!

If you want to see the other projects from the whole laundry room redo series you can see them here:

My next project I'm going to start is the master bedroom.

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  1. Well....I was going to tell you it was a washboard, but you figured it out! I am so in love with all your laundry room decor. Everything is just so perfect. It makes me want to redo mine! I am going to start looking for some vintager laundry themed decor so i can make that happen! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. Wow, you've got some adorable collectables! Nice display!!

  3. It looks awesome! Yep, Washboard! I have one stashed out in my wood room that fell on my toe the other day! Ha! Maybe i'd better do something with it!

  4. So.So.So.CUTE! I love everything - you are truly amazing at decorating :)

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  5. I am really trying hard not to be a smart ass, but it does say National Washboard Company right on it. Oh and our 5 hr project on the barn door included lunch. Actual work time was about an hour after shopping, stud finding and Lunch.

  6. Everything looks great. I like the clothespins and the antique fans the best.

  7. What a nice laundry room refresh, Tania! Such a fun old washboard on the wall, thanks for linking up with us at Best of the Nest!


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