Laundry Room Redo - New Lighting, Window Covering and Laundry Hamper

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Hey there! I'm back with some more updates to my laundry room.

Laundry room lighting, hamper, and window covering

In case you've missed any of the progress and want to catch up you can check out the previous posts here:

This weekend I worked on changing out the ceiling light, a new laundry hamper, and finally a curtain for the back door.

I found this light at Lowe's:

Here is what the light that was in there looked like:

It was a nice light but not my style and SO BRIGHT!!! I felt like I was folding clothes in a hospital surgery room!

Here is what it looks like with my new mini pendant light:

 Eeeeeek! Cute right?!

It was easy to install too and luckily they must have put that other monstrosity up after they painted the ceiling because there were no paint lines around where the light was! Bonus!

I think the hardest part of the whole project was figuring out how to get the shade on the pendant! I finally figured out that the pendant has two pieces, you unscrew the bottom piece and then put the shade up and that piece screws back on and holds the shade in place. Sheesh! I felt like a moron for a little bit!

I put a vintage style squirrel cage or Edison bulb in my new light. I got mine from Decor Steals but they have them at Amazon too!

Next I worked on my new laundry hamper. It's a "faux" vintage laundry basket. I call it faux vintage because it's not really vintage, and it's not really a laundry basket.

The basket is metal and it's actually a grocery store display... look familiar? We won't talk about how I got my hands on a grocery store display, m'kay? ;o)

I used a piece of a thrifted white sheet to make my liner. I just measured around the basket and the depth, then took the removable bottom out of the basket and traced around it for the round bottom piece. Stitched them all together and then folded the top over to make a casing for the drawstring to hold the liner tight around the top of the basket.

I made a cute little drawstring out of some of the leftover fabric from the hot water heater disguise!

And last I made a simple little white curtain for the back door... again out of some of that sheet and a little strip of the yellow polka-dot fabric.

I have one more big project to do for this room and some decor to show you then it will be finished!

The room is coming along so nicely! That little dog door reminds me of a sunny little sunroof... only in the door... and way closer to the floor than the ceiling... :o)

Hope you had a great weekend!

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