New Antique Mall Space!

27 February
WooHoo! I got all moved into my new space at the antique mall today! Want to see? :o)

Antique mall booth

Here are a couple of before shots before I painted...

The sage green color wasn't bad really but my little corner looked rather dark and dreary...

And the unfinished door on the end was just not working for me (it belongs to the mall and is a permanent fixture, attached to the wall to help separate my space from the neighbor).

My mom showed up to help me right as I was finishing up the painting and we started unloading a few items right away and I almost forgot to take an after picture once I got it painted! It really made a big difference and felt so much brighter!

You can see our clever ladder shelving unit we made! I only had one small bookcase so I needed some other way to display things. My mom had the old red ladder and my dad had a bunch of pickets that he rescued from the neighbor's burn pile so we put together this cute little shelving unit!

Then I hung up my sign in the corner. I have had this weird little scalloped piece of wood for years. I knew one day I could make something cute with it... I have no idea what it used to be but I painted it white and painted the inset portion with chalkboard paint so I could write my business name on it.

It's kind of hard to see but I found some adorable burlap fabric with silver polka dots on it at JoAnn's and I thought it would be a cute little pennant banner for my space! And see behind my sign, in the corner? That's a an old player piano roll that I hung in the corner to disguise the extension cords that hang down the corner of the booth (the actual electrical outlets are on TOP of the booth walls here... very strange... so we have to hang extension cords down the wall).

I also hung up my funnel light for some additional lighting.

We brought my lone little bookcase in. It was something I found in the basement of a rental I lived in once. I used it in my craft studio for awhile and was planning to use it in my garage until this new venture happened. It was very plain and very ugly and dirty so I painted it white, added the little wooden scallop along the top edge and found some cute grey fabric with silver hearts during the same trip when I found the burlap and created a back for the bookcase with it and a piece of cardboard. I also added little wheels!

Isn't it cute? I love that the shelves are adjustable too! And do you see my cool door there on the right? I made it after I saw a photo prop wall on Pinterest with a similar peeling wallpaper treatment. I'll show you how I made it in another post soon.

Then we started bringing in the smalls!

We used some old apple crates for more display space.

I brought in a rug to help cozy up my space a little bit too.

About the only big piece of furniture I have in there right now is a desk.

My mom brought a bunch of tablecloths and tea towels to sell so we folded them up and put them in the vintage dish drainers on the bottom shelf of the ladder and on the floor below the ladder.

Here's another look at my cool door!

I made this "vase" from old book covers that I laced together. It will fit around a flower vase... or 3 as  you see here! :o)

And here's a closer look at that player piano roll in the corner. I have several more rolls that are still in the boxes that I'm going to take down there tomorrow to offer for sale in case someone wants to do something like this in their house.

I made three of these arrows from old fence boards, I think they turned out pretty cool!


What do you think?? :o)

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  1. Interesting to see how you built your new booth with colour, fixtures, your great door and rug to full of interesting, unique and vintage stock. Great ideas.

  2. I thonk it looks absolutely fabulous!!! I love all your display pieces...the ladder shelf is too cool! I may have to copy that idea with a ladder I have when I get my porch built. Everything you have for sale is so neat. I think my favorite thing is your sign perfect! I do the same thing...hang on to something forever because I just know it will be perfect for a project someday! Your piece definitely eas. Have a fun weekend! Hope you sell lots of stuff!

  3. Oh Tania - I love everything - you did such a fantastic job in such a short time. I wish you all the best and I just know you're going to do well. This is so exciting!!

  4. You are amazing! I LOVE this. Every. Single. Thing. Wishing you much success. Blessings sweet friend, Valerie

  5. I love it!!! You did a fabulous job and it looks so nice. You have quite a knack for displaying you stuff and drawing interest. The things you think to do with stuff, I don't have that kind of imagination. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Wishing you all the success in the world. :)

  6. What a wonderful transformation!

    This is so quaint and charming -- lovely!!

  7. Since I doubt that I live anywhere near you, can I just tell you what I'd like from your booth and you ship it to GA? ;) It's just wonderful! Congratulations!

  8. Really cute Tania! You have a flair! I don't see how you do it all.

    1. Thank you Florence! It doesn't seem like work to me so that's probably how I do it.



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