The Great Pergola Move - Weekend Yard Work Series

07 May
The Great Pergola Move... sounds like a movie huh? Well, it's actually just another episode from the Weekend Yard Work series ;o)

I have this structure in my backyard...

Moving a small shed

I'm calling it a pergola for lack of a better word. I believe it was built for wood storage for the wood stove in my living room... but it seems a little nicer than just a wood storage structure. It has a nice shingled roof and a nice deck area.

But the problem is it is sitting basically in the middle of the yard... not in the middle middle... but back against the fence middle (this picture is taken from inside my sliding glass door). I planted three arborvitae a couple of weeks ago to the left of the pergola and I wanted to continue planting more along the fence... but the pergola is in the way... and on the other side is that contorted filbert bush. I don't think the filbert bush would survive a transplanting and that seemed like a LOT of work to me.

So instead I asked my dad if he thought we could move the pergola without too much trouble. He has moved sheds and whole slabs of concrete before so I knew it could be done.

He said he thought we could do it without too much trouble and by ourselves! Whoop! So he came over one morning and we got to work!

He brought his floor jack (normally used for automobiles) and we jacked up each side little by little and then dug out the four concrete blocks that the pergola sits on.

When we jacked it up it started to lean precariously so one of us had to hold it just enough so a gust of wind (or a little fat dog trying to squeeze behind it) wouldn't tip it over.

Then we slid these round poles underneath it. These are actually used for grapes. My parent's live next to grape orchards so there is a pile of these round poles in their neighbor's burn pile. Anyway, we put about 5 of then underneath the pergola and lowered the jack down so the pergola was now sitting on the poles...

Then we just started pushing. When the end of the pergola got to the last pole (like you see here) we would stop, pull that pole out and take it up to the front and put it in there. We just continued on like this and it worked like a charm!!

We rolled it right over to this corner. We did have to do a little pulling and scooting to get it kitty-corner in the yard but that went pretty smoothly too. It was easy to do with the poles still under it.

And amazingly, the sun, the moon, and stars aligned and the pergola was level on the FIRST TRY!!! Woohoo!

I have a plan formulating in my head for how to make this little structure cute. That means I'm not planning on using it for wood storage!

I am going to lay some sort of gravel or rocks on this side of the lawn and put my fire pit over here. I did not have sprinklers installed on this side of the yard for this reason.

Here are some inspiration photos I've found...

I really like the pavers with the rocks.

I like how they hung windows  in this. I could do this on the back and sides of mine!

Source: Photobucket

I could hang lights from the tree over to the pergola roof :o)

I could hang some curtains in the pergola.

Source unknown, found on Pinterest but the link goes nowhere :o(

I've got pretty much a blank slate here... what would you do?

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  1. Your dad is so adorable. Using those round poles to move that is genius. I have to remember that trick.

    I love the pergola in the corner on an angle like that. I'm picturing a swinging bench chair. Is the roof strong enough to support one?

  2. I would totally put either lattice or horizontal planks on the back. If you install a window, I'd put a mirror behind it or swap out the pane of glass for a mirror so that you don't just see the fence. Paint it a fun colour too! xox

  3. It looks great kitty-korner like that! You've found lots of great ideas. I'll be waiting to see what you come up with. Good idea above, to do something on the back to hide the view of the fence behind it a little.

  4. I was thinking potting bench the whole time until I heard your ideas about using it as a part of entertaining in the back yard. I think I like your ideas much better. Mine sounded more like work!

  5. great idea to gitter done!
    I love your inspiration pictures for the Great Pergola! I think the direction your mind is going with it will be awesome... fire pit, adirondacks, windows and lacey curtains... ALL GET A THUMBS UP FROM ME!


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