Upcycled Vintage Crib Mattress

A couple of weeks ago a friend and I took a drive after work to my hometown where there is an old farm dump that I know about... waaay out in a field... in the middle of nowhere. I like to go there a few times a year to see what's new.

Today I found something that I think is really cool!

vintage baby crib mattress

A vintage crib mattress! YES!

When I first saw this old crib mattress lying on the ground at the dump I was excited because it looked to be in good shape! But upon flipping it over I saw this...

Darn :o( But upon further inspection I got excited once again...

Yep! Vintage springs were hiding in there! So in the back of the pickup it went!

When I got it home I ripped off all the cover and padding material. The cover is plastic and pretty cute so I kept the side that didn't have the hole... maybe I'll find something cute to do with it.

So here's what we are left with! Cool! Here's a closeup of the springs and how they are attached together.

Of course my first thought was that I'd take it down to my booth at the antique mall to sell because if you look online you'll find all kinds of fun ways to use these!

But the more I looked at it the more I liked it...

So I did some rearranging in my own house...

I tried it in a few different spots but I really liked it here on my gallery wall above the couch.

I took some things from here and there around my house to decorate it... the Home Sweet Home sign is hung from the springs with clothes pins.

I added my Pottery Barn knock-off book page wreath that I made about 7 years ago, also with a clothes pin.

And a framed postcard and little tea light in a vintage jelly jar glass.


Here is what my gallery wall looked like before...

Then I tweaked this area after taking the Home Sweet Home sign from the shelf...

I propped up this cool, old black frame and added the butterfly specimen.