Treasure Trove Tuesday - This Week's Thrifting Finds

This week was a pretty good week as far as treasure's go!

Thrifting Finds

This isn't even everything I ended up with but I ran out of time for picture taking.

This old plastic mirror was very trendy in it's day. I plan to give it a little more life back with a new paint color :o) I like how the mirror is kind of mottled looking.

I think this old, discolored and crazed set of bowls is so pretty. I tried to find this pattern somewhere... anywhere to see how much it might be worth and came up empty handed. I found all kinds of other patterns by Crooksville but not this pattern.

A fun piece of vintage fabric from J.C. Penney's. I didn't know they even sold fabric but I found out that they did up until the 70's.

I liked the shape of this old basket. I looked at Adirondack Girl @ Heart's {basket price guide} but didn't see anything like this one... maybe she'll pop in and help me value it. It still has a sticker on the bottom that says "Made in Yugoslavia".

Sealfast canning jars like this seem to go for around $8 to $10 on eBay. I like the wire closing mechanism. This would be pretty filled with shells on a bathroom shelf.

Bohemian Home magazine had an article about collectible brass figurines and I found this little dolphin cutie!

And speaking of cuties... this little Napco figurine is so snooty looking she's cute!

Ice cream scoops always sell pretty well in my Etsy shop.

A collection of adorable tiny salt and pepper shakers...

A fun wicker banjo. I've never seen a wicker banjo before!

Five melamine plates. I like to mix and match pieces and make my own little dinner sets.

Another one of those interlocking squares shelves.

A bag of medium sized shells. I have a project in mind with these and that piece of drift wood I found {last week}. I just need one more piece to do what I have in mind!

A whole bunch of hot pink burlap yardage! Some of this will be fun to cover a stool or something with.

A sweet cross-stitch poem for baby's nursery.

A pattern book... what's a pattern book you say???

Well, it has plastic sleeves to slide your sewing patterns into for safe keeping and they are stored in this pretty little binder!

A cute little pillow.

A sweet dog portrait.

Isn't this picture so beautiful?! I just love the colors!

And some floral prints by Georgia B. Caldwell. I think these are probably worth about $30 - $40.

I have no idea what games this was used for but I know that people like these old game boards to hang as art in their homes.

And then there is this... pile of old books. There is a story behind this box 'o books...

So, my mom and I were looking for a specific sale and we passed by a huge dumpster with a man standing in it and lots of boxes on the ground next to the dumpster. We drove by because we didn't think it was a sale but after passing by and looking back there was a sale sign next to the dumpster so we turned around and went back.

We asked the man in the dumpster if they were having a sale and he said "well... yes... kind of... Goodwill is coming to pick most of this up. The boxes next to the dumpster were full of books... so.many.books. (I should have taken a picture) I think he said his parents were collectors but I'm not quite sure, I was having an A.D.D. moment staring at all these books! When I asked how much they were he .50 cents each until Goodwill gets here.

So we started looking through the boxes picking up a book here and there... setting them back down...

And then he said "you know what? We have to go so just take whatever you want"...

Ummmm... what?! Yep..., I had heard him right, that's what he said... whatever you want... just take it.

OMG! So we started loading up books. I also picked up a little wooden shelving unit, an old bar stool that needs a new seat cover, a vintage airless paint sprayer still in the cool old box, a chinese checkers board... and books... so.many.books... and all for free!

Other people finally started to drive up and ask and I was very uncomfortable just telling them "take what you want" so we finished up and left.

At one point we did look into the dumpster, there were old card tables, scraps of leather, pieces of what looked like fur coats, and other stuff that looked like it might be good... obviously he didn't think so.

I refrained from climbing in... I was already getting nervous that neighbor's were going to call the cops or something! But obviously this man needed supervision :o(

I haven't even really gone through this box of books that I ended up with yet but my mom looked through a few and some are dated in the 1800's! I plan to go through them and I'll do a couple of posts dedicated to the books if you are interested in seeing what I ended up with.

That's it for this week, what do you think?