Thrift It, Gift It, Facelift It Reveal!

29 August
Back about a month ago I invited 5 of my blogging friends to participate in a fun swap called Thrift It, Gift It, Facelift it. We each had a $10 limit and went thrifting for fun treasures to send to our assigned partner who would then give the items a facelift!

Well today is the final reveal day, I'm so excited!

In case you missed {the first post}, here is what I received from Cecilia at The B Farm!

Now, I'm just going to come clean and tell you that I didn't use every item she sent me but almost! The items I didn't use are the little gold picture frames and two of the heart shaped hangers (there were three total). It's not because I couldn't figure out what to do with them... it's just that I am the biggest procrastinator and I just finished my projects right before I sat down to write this post!

Anyway... on to my project reveal!

The first thing I'll show you is the item I was the most excited about... the scarf!

When I started my {boho master bedroom redo} I removed a small door that was between my bedroom and the half bathroom but I still wanted something to act as a divider for a little privacy when needed.

I was already collecting scarves to create a curtain divider so when Cecilia sent me another scarf I finally had enough to create my new curtain/divider!

I started by sewing the largest scarves I had together and then piecing in with the smaller scarves.

I did not cut any of the scarves, I just layered them over each other for a pretty patchwork effect.

I added a rod pocket at the top and used a tension rod to put it up in the doorway.

Let me tell you... slippery, silky scarves are not the easiest things to sew and it ended up a little wonky and uneven at the bottom... my fix was to fold up the bottom so it was even and add pom-pom trim!

I think I ended up using 10 scarves of varying sizes.

The next items from my thrift it loot from Cecilia that I decided to use are the two heart shaped wires on the right below.

They were originally used to make fabric wreaths. Basically you would sew a tube of fabric and thread it around the wire shape, scrunching it all up.

Not my cup of tea... so I chose to create my own version of a dream catcher!

I spelled out the word "Dream" with some 20 gauge wire and twisted the ends around the sides of the heart shape to attach it. Then I found a pretty white hankie from my stash and glued and stitched around the edges to attach it to the wire hearts.

The little heart got the same hankie treatment, some feathers and then it was wired to the big heart.

Finally I added some yarn lengths at the bottom and some beads and flowers. I also used one of the little pearls from a package of rhinestones and pearls that Cecilia included in my items in the center of the flower.

Right now it is hanging in my kitchen next to the sink :o)

Then I went on to use one of the little heart shaped hangers... the one on the top left without the wood dowel.

I've been wanting some wind chimes for my back patio so that's what I created with the hanger! I picked up a small, unattractive wind chime at a garage sale for .50 cents and took it apart. It only consisted of the metal tubes so I searched through my bead stash and found some pretty ones I wanted to incorporate into the chimes.

I used embroidery floss to restring the chime bars along with the beads I chose and then tied them around the hanger. I also added a tiny bead inside the heart on the hanger.

It's outside now making all kinds of pretty chimey sounds!! :o)

Whew! That's 4 things down from my gifted items.

Next up is the box...

This was the item I procrastinated with the longest... all along I was just thinking of painting the box and creating a jewelry or keepsake box. But then I stood it up on end on my craft table and inspiration struck!!

I removed the lid, added feet and painted the whole thing black and then created a little Halloween shadow box!

This was really fun to make! I had everything that I used on the box already. I printed the image of the woman dressed up for an All Hallows' Eve Ball and cut her out. Then I layered some harlequin design scrapbook paper in the back of the box, added the lady image and then started adding goodies!


I glittered parts of her dress, mask, and hat, gave her a black pearl necklace, and added a black rose to her hat. The crow got an orange "Happy Halloween" ribbon at his feet.

I filled a vintage orange candy cup with black roses, black plastic stars, and ribbons on the left and then added a large black rose, glittered star, a clock cut from a vintage flash card, and little crow on the right.

The outside of the box has black crepe paper streamer stuff and vintage orange velvet ribbon and on the top I added a large glittery spider.

A little pennant banner, "Terror-ific" sign and some more fun details and my Halloween shadow box is completed!

This was really fun to make. I haven't done any altered art for quite awhile and I missed it!

So that's it for my projects for Thrift It, Gift It, Facelift It! Be sure to go check out everyone's projects! I'll be seeing them for the first time now too and I'm so excited to see what everyone created!

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Kim at Snug Harbor Bay
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Cecilia at The B Farm

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  1. As I was reading I thought the dream catcher hearts would be my favorite until I saw the Halloween shadowbox. It is just the right amount a beast and beauty! The wind chime was cute and creative.

  2. The dream catcher is my favorite - so creative. Thanks for hosting Tania - this was so much fun!

  3. What a fun challenge idea! Especially letting other people pick the materials, definitely stretches the old crafting muscles. Wonderful job with your box of goodies.

  4. This is so much fin to see how everyone recreated their items. I love the scarf curtain.

  5. I love everything you made! My personal favorite is the shower curtain with the scarves...great idea but I do like all you made! I found you over on Kim's Snug Harbor Bay!

  6. Glad to hear I'm not the only procrastinator! I have just been so busy lately and finally finished everything this! Everything is awesome! I love it all, but the scarf curtain is my favorite! So boho chic! Thanks again for hosting and have a great Sunday!

  7. Oh my goodness I love what you did to your items! I'm glad I sent you the scarf- what a pretty curtain you have from all the different ones! Wow. The dream catcher is the perfect use for the hearts! I love it. And a wind chime - I wouldnt have thought of that but it's great! But my favorite is what you did to the box! It's adorable! Thank you again for inviting me to participate- it was great fun!

  8. Hi Tania! :)
    I love the curtain you made, it is so pretty!
    I love everything you did, the wind chimes are so pretty too and the dream catcher.
    Thank you again for including me, I really loved this challenge and meeting some new blog friends! You are so kind Tania, and I truly appreciate that! :)

  9. You are so darn creative! Love what you did with the scarves, and that shadow box is amazing too!

  10. Great job with all your projects. The curtain is gorgeous and the dream catcher is genius! Great way to re-purpose a craft supply from days gone by! LOVE the Halloween box! Very creative!!

  11. Excellent job. I really loved the scarf curtain...and the dream catcher is really cute.


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