Repurposed Jello Mold Ornaments

30 November
I always pick up vintage Jello molds and tart tins when I see them at thrift stores and garage sales.

You can make so many cute things with them, and I like to have them on hand when inspiration hits.

Christmas ornaments are always fun to make with these vintage molds.

Repurposed Jello Mold Ornaments

Repurposed Jello Mold Ornaments

The most recent Jello molds that I picked at Goodwill are these cute little star-shaped molds. 

I thought they would make cute ornaments.

Repurposed Jello Mold Ornaments

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Supplies Needed:
To make the angel:

Step One - add paper

Trace the mold shape onto the scrapbook paper, cut them out and adhere them to the inside of the molds with Mod Podge.

Step Two - add hangers

You'll need to punch two holes at the top of the mold and add a coordinating ribbon hanger. 

I love my Crop-A-Dile hole punch for this. If you don't have one in your craft tools, I highly recommend you get one. They will punch through anything. I have even used mine to punch through thick metal.

If you don't have one yet, an awl or large nail and a hammer will work too.

Repurposed Jello Mold Ornaments

Step Three - add glitter

Put a bead of white craft glue all around the edge of the paper and sprinkle it with glitter.

You could also use something like skinny rick-rack or pom-pom trim.

Repurposed Jello Mold Ornaments

Step Four - fill the ornaments

You can use almost anything to fill your ornaments, as you'll see!

I went through my craft supply stash of do-dads, thingamajigs, and what-knots and made a little scene in each mold.

Repurposed Jello Mold Ornaments

The only thing that I made for this step is the little angel. Let me show you how I made her.

She is made from a tiny perfume bottle that I have had in my stash for many years.

Her arms are made with a tinsel pipe cleaner that is wrapped around the top of the bottle.

Add the spun cotton head. I used a small piece of pipe cleaner at the bottom of mine but you can just glue it directly to the neck of the bottle too.

Add the bottle lid for a cute little hat!

Repurposed Jello Mold Ornaments

Step Five - make the banners

Use some mini alphabet stamps and cardstock paper to create some little banners for your ornaments.

I tried to make the banners match the scenes in the ornaments when possible. For example, fa la la la la for the angel ornament, Santa Claus is coming for the Santa ornament, etc.

Repurposed Jello Mold Ornaments

Use a dab of white craft glue to add them to the ornaments.

Here are my finished ornaments.

This one has a white bottle brush tree with "ornaments" that are pearls off an old necklace.

Repurposed Jello Mold Ornaments

This one has mini ball ornaments and a deck the halls banner.

Repurposed Jello Mold Ornaments

The cute little angel ornament has a little choir book made from a music sheet.

Repurposed Jello Mold Ornaments

This one is my favorite. I love the little deer!

Repurposed Jello Mold Ornaments

The Santa ornament is made with a vintage ornament I picked up at one of my favorite antique shops.

Repurposed Jello Mold Ornaments

And this one is made with a little gift tag that I had. I made a little folded accordion paper piece and glued it behind her so she could stick out from the mold a little bit and I added a pom pom to her hat.

Repurposed Jello Mold Ornaments

These were fun to make, I love playing around in my craft supplies and making a big ol' glittery mess 😁

Which one is your favorite?

Repurposed Jello Mold Ornaments

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