Christmas Decorating - A Deconstructed Christmas Tree

09 December
What on earth is a deconstructed Christmas tree you ask?

Well... deconstructed furniture is when you take the furniture down to bare bones with just a little of the original look left... the sides of a chair down to bare wood but leave the upholstered seat for example. So, a deconstructed Christmas tree is taken from it's original form and deconstructed so it is... well... down to bare branches I guess! 😁

I first saw one here: Jill Ruth & Co.: Deconstructing, it was a couple of years ago that I saw this and I've had it pinned to try ever since!

Deconstructed Christmas Tree

I'll show you how I made it.

Here is my tree that I started with. It's a little 3' tree that I found at a garage sale about 12 years ago. I've used in on the porch for many years but I thought it was the perfect candidate for deconstructing!

I'll just warn you, if you decide to try this it takes longer than you'd think!!

I spread out a couple of old towels and sat on the floor and watched TV while I worked on trimming the branches. I worked on it over 2 nights time and it took about 3 hours total. (I can't imagine doing a full size tree!)

So, all you do is trim the needles off each and every branch, as close to the wire as possible.

It makes a huge mess even with the towels! I had two piles of needles about this size!

This is how it turned out. I wish the trunk area was a little smaller but it is what it is!

I found the red and white tin at the antique mall where I have my booths. It's not that old but I loved the vintage inspired design on it!

So I just took the stand off my tree and wadded up some paper in the bottom of the tin to hold it steady.

Then I added just a few decorations.

I've had these little sleighs made from egg cartons for years... another yard sale find.

I bent the top branch over, reminiscent of a Charlie Brown tree, and hung a vintage ball ornament on it.

And a vintage inspired snowman and snowball garland.

That's it for ornaments!

I think it turned out pretty darned cute what do you think?!

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