Layered Bohemian Headboard

I am slowly working on a makeover of my bedroom and trying to create a peaceful, cozy, bohemian retreat. So far I have painted the walls black (I have not shared a full reveal of that part yet, but I will, I promise!) and created a cozy bed.

Today I wanted to share how I created a layered Bohemian headboard for my cozy bed. I was inspired by Cassie's headboard over at

Creating a layered Bohemian headboard

While I really love how this turned out, it is not purely decorative... no, it actually serves a purpose!

I have two large windows in my bedroom so there's no lack of natural light but this is the view out of one of them 😩 The neighbor's bought a new travel trailer and this is where they are parking it. Before they parked it there it was just a view of the side of their house with a jacked-up looking window air conditioner unit with old wood and cardboard shoved around it... that might have even been worse than the trailer!

I still wanted the light from this window but I also wanted to cover up the ugly view. The first thing I did was remove the blind since the window will be covered and there won't be a need for a blind anymore. I can use it in a different room. Then I hung up a string of white twinkle lights.

I just stapled the light cord to the inside of the window.

Then I hung up some white sheers. I got these in a box of linens I bought at an estate sale and hung onto them. Actually I was planning to get rid of them but I'm glad (for once) for my laziness!


The next layer is this wooden folding screen I got at a garage sale for $15.

My headboard got a new paint job. This headboard started out as red velvet with an awful smoke odor. You can see the first makeover here: Master Bedroom Redo - Painted Fabric Headboard and learn how I got the smoke smell out here: How to Remove Smoke Odors from Upholstery.

Then I layered it in front of the screen.

I got the white pom-pom garland in the Christmas section at Hobby Lobby. But I shared how to make your own Pom-Poms here: How to Use the Clover Pom-Pom Maker, it would be very easy to make this yourself!

I love how it turned out! You can see it still lets in plenty of light and I don't have to look at the neighbor's trailer anymore!

The twinkle lights look really pretty at night too!

I'm loving the way my bedroom is coming together, I can't wait to share more, stay tuned!