My Vintage Trailer - Counters and Curtains and Cushions, Oh My!!

23 January
Are you ready for another vintage trailer renovation update!?

In case you are new, let me catch you up real quick, Reader's Digest version... I bought my vintage trailer (aka "Miss Maizy") toward the end of 2012 and I shared all the renovations and before and after tours along the way but somewhere between then and now I have lost a bunch of those posts 😞

So, I decided that since I still had all the pictures I would recreate the posts. It has been over three years since that renovation so many of you haven't seen them and my long-time readers probably won't mind seeing the renovation again!

Vintage trailer renovation, new counter tops, curtains, and cushion covers!

So far, I have RE-shared:

Be sure you check those out, I started at the very beginning with a tour of the inside before we did anything to it!

Today I'm sharing counters and curtains and cushions, OH MY!! 😁

We'll start with the counters... they were in deplorable condition and we could not save them... what little bits there are anyway... this is it for counter space!!

You can't tell by the pictures but the old Formica was cracking and sagging from water damage.

 We stripped it all.the.way.down! We even pulled out the icebox, cleaned and re-insulated around it.

We found broken sink pipes...

...filled with hornet's nests!

After we got that all taken care of we put it all back together with brand new Formica counter tops (and new pipes)!

I chose this vintage-inspired pattern called "Dog Bone". You can see all the fun retro designs here: Formica Collection Patterns. I purchased mine from a local company. 

Since there is almost NO counter space we used the leftover pieces of Formica and made little shelves (sorry for the awful picture), one above and to the left of the sink. I had some little turned pieces of wood and we used one for a leg to support the counter, it is also attached to the wall.

No picture but the other little shelf is on the opposite side of the trailer next to the bed. You can use it for an alarm clock and glass of water!

And we did the dinette table in the same pattern. We chose to have a cabinet maker do this part of the renovation only because we had never done counters before and the Formica was special order with not much to spare so we didn't want to mess up!

As a reminder here is what that table looked like before.

You can see it a little better in this picture with the stove all dismantled and sitting on top of it!

And the beautiful after!

Now on to the cushions!

You saw the new dinette cushions I made here: My Vintage Trailer - New Ceilings & Seats. The dinette cushion foam was in great shape so I reused it but the foam on the couch/fold-out bed and bunk bed was horrible! You can see how gross and yellow it was under that stained, smelly fabric, not to mention it was only about 2 inches thick... not at all comfy for sleeping on!

Here is another before shot.

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I opted to shorten the top bunk so it is just a shelf (more on that later) so I just got rid of that foam.

I bought a Futon Sofa Mattress instead of buying new foam and sewing new covers for the bed. The mattress was a lot less than purchasing that much foam and it's way more comfortable too!

One drawback to using a futon mattress is it cannot easily be used as a couch anymore. In theory, it should work (and will with some effort and 2 people) since futon cushions are made to be in couch and bed form! I opted to leave mine out as a bed all the time now.

You can see it was a tight fit but I love the plush cozy feeling it gives!

Next up... curtains!

I chose aqua polka dot with a plain white ruffle for my curtains to match the aqua appliances inside the trailer.

I just measured each window to be sure I made them the correct size and then made simple rod pocket curtains with a little contrasting ruffle and then used rick-rack to trim them! (I made them lined too for privacy reasons and to help fight fading of the aqua fabric)

All of the curtains are polka dot with a white ruffle except for the kitchen window. I switched it up and made it the opposite just for fun!

I made these at home during the times that we weren't working on the trailer. I had stuff stacked in my spare bedroom patiently waiting for us to finish all the dirty work so they could make their appearance in the trailer! You can see the plaid seat cushions from the dinette in the background!

Here you can get a glimpse of the new counters, the curtains, and the comfy futon mattress!

It's beginning to look more like a cute little vintage trailer don't you think?!

Next time I'll share the cabinets and closets!

Check out the vintage trailer restoration resource page!

P.S. Here are some fun trailer books you might like!

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