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24 February
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Eek! I'm so excited to finally be able to share my bedroom makeover! It's been almost 2 months since I painted the walls of my room black and then things came to a screeching halt because I couldn't find the dresser I wanted which meant I couldn't hang anything up or arrange any other furniture until I knew what the dresser would look like!

Then, when I was least expecting it, I found the dresser I had been searching for! You can see the dresser makeover here: Mid-Century Modern Lowboy Dresser Makeover.

Now let's see that bedroom right?!

Check out this boho bedroom with black walls!

I'm just gonna warn you though... there are a ton of pictures here!

Just look at that glorious black wall! I am in love with it! I know some people doubted my sanity when I said I was painting my room black. Sounds like something a rebellious teenager does right?! Well, I guess my inner teen is still rebelling! ๐Ÿ˜

Really though, I kind of knew it would work out because I still have my faux barn wood wall so only three walls are black and this room gets so much light that I knew it wouldn't feel dark at all.

I finally painted the dresser that was mine when I was a baby. My mom painted it green way back then and I left it all those years because it was still working but it would not have worked with this look. I used some DIY chalk paint and I left the pulls as is.

And I finally have a place to showcase my Mary figurines. I've been collecting these for awhile now... I only like white ones! I got the shadow box last year at The Farm Chicks show for this very purpose!

I'm on the hunt for a large glass cloche now for one of the shorter figurines.

I kept my fabric covered roller shade on this window. Since the other window is covered by my new layered bohemian headboard I took that shade out so I could use it in a different room. I also rehung the SNOOZE letters ๐Ÿ˜Š

I put one of my Society6 pillows in his cute little chair with a basket of magazines next to it.

I created a mirror gallery wall with my collection of vintage mirrors. The gold mirror next to the chair and the one at the very top of the arrangement are two that my daughter didn't want anymore.

I love how they reflect the light.

This is the view from the half bath doorway, over by the mirror gallery wall.

Directly opposite the mirrors is a little snippet of wall where the closet bumps out into the room. I hung another of my daughter's cast offs there!

This giant flower wall hanging still with its original white and gold paint! Isn't it cool!?

Here's that layered bohemian headboard again, I added a round wooden medallion thing to it.

This little table is standing in as my nightstand. I found the polka dot baskets at Fred Meyer. The lamp is a $3 yard sale find and the Indian picture was in a $1 bin at an antique show.

 Here's my dresser!

I got the picture above the dresser from one of the other vendors at the antique mall where I have my booths. Originally I was going to resell it but I really like it so I'm keeping it for now!

I have my bible collection on this dresser in a cute little book rack I found at the thrift store. One of these bibles was my grandma's and one was my mom's, the rest I've picked up here and there. One of our local thrift stores gives them away for free when they are donated so I've gotten several from them.

This tray holds a small silver jewelry box, silver cup that has necklaces in it, my Buddha...

And this cute little purse!! This is another of my daughter's cast offs. I have wanted this since she found it at a thrift shop years ago! I love it so much... let me show you why.

Look at her face...

Now look what happens when you tilt it a little bit! Aaaah! is that not the cutest thing?!

My grandpa's cowboy hat is hanging on the door knob...

I created a family photo collage with an old frame and some vintage family pictures. This collage was born out of necessity, I'll share more in a minute.

The radio doesn't really have legs... well it does now but it didn't come that way. I had this little table base that I was trying out with different tops (I tried the white medallion that is hanging on the headboard, the tray from the dresser) but nothing was working so I set it aside and started trying to find a place for my vintage radio. Nothing was working for that either, so I set it on the table base because it was next to me and... well what do yo know?! That looks kind of cute!!

A happy accident!

Now... the picture collage... well, this house had baseboard heating at some point in time. They had been removed by the time I bought the house but for some odd reason they left all the thermostats on the walls! I removed it awhile back and the wires are dead... but I was left with this hole.

I should patch it I know... but ain't no one got time for that!! So instead I just covered it up!

And this chubby little guy was the perfect size! Ha Ha! That's my dad!! Isn't he cute?? ๐Ÿ˜‚

Here are a few more of my favorite pictures... this is my grandma and one of her brothers. Whoa!! Look at granny's hot legs!! That was pretty risque back then... 1940's I think, she was on a softball team.

And this little sweetie is from my dad's side. Her name is Pearl. I can't remember how she's related but I just love her.

Here's that sexy grandma again!! This one has 1944 Sacramento written on the back.

And this is my dad on the left when he was in the Navy.

I'm not sure what the deal is with this picture... I don't know if it looks like this on purpose so you could write a letter like a post card or what. That's Pearl again, in the center when she's a little older.

Ok, enough with the pictures. Back to the bedroom!

Here is my closet. You can see the before of this closet and how I organized it here: Organized & Pretty Closet.

This clock was in a free box at a garage sale a few years ago. I peeled off the gold plastic numbers and sanded the shellac finish off.

The purse hanging on the wall over by the dresser was mine when I was a little girl ๐Ÿ˜Š

This little guy loves playing in the blankets!

Well, that's about it for now, I hope you enjoyed the tour!

I'm just over the moon with how this room turned out. I'd like to add a couple of plants and I have a couple of other projects to do in here but for the most part it's finished!

You can see the last makeover here, it's completely different now! Master Bedroom Redo

And here are the other projects that I completed for this time around:

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  1. Nancy CarrollFebruary 25, 2017

    Well, i was doubting your sanity when you told me you painted the walls black---yes, a flashback of a rebellious teenager!! LOL! But it looks awesome! The whole room is gorgeous! The black and white w/touches of brown/wood remind me of an old sepia toned photo!

  2. Thanks! I knew you were thinking I was crazy!


  3. Nancy CarrollFebruary 25, 2017

    Just slightly! LOL!

  4. The black walls look awesome with the wall behind the bed Tania. I don't know too many people who would have the vision to do the black and white thing in just that way. I love how the gold touches pop on the black walls. It all looks awesome!

  5. Mary KalposMarch 02, 2017

    Love it Tania. It is so full of personality and shows us what you are all about and what you love. Those Marys on the dresser are so unique. And the black paint makes everything look more dramatic but calm at the same time. I love yourlittle collection of vintage family photos too. Never thought to display them like that!

  6. Thank you so much Mary, what a sweet comment :o)


  7. Thrifty Mom In BoiseMarch 04, 2017

    I totally love the black walls and the tufted headboard is my favorite piece if I had to choose. You have so many nice things going on in here and you've managed to make it all pull together, which always amazes me. You have such talent, my dear! Well done, well done.

  8. Thank you so much! Actually it amazes me sometimes that things work out for me because most of the time... I don't plan anything!! lol!


  9. I think it turned out fab! Love the "Virgin Mary" collection and that old radio.


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