Seventies Credenza Makeover

05 March
Well, I'm off to a good start at the antique mall this month... the hall tree I made over sold while I was working Saturday! You can see that makeover here: Hall Tree Makeover.

So that means I have room for another furniture piece in my booth and I just finished a new something so that was perfect timing!

You may remember the before sneak peek of this little credenza from a few days ago.

I found this at the Habitat store a couple of years ago and used it 'as is' in my home for awhile but now I'm ready to let it go and in order to do that, it needed a makeover!

It's kind of a unique little piece of furniture... only the side, angled doors open, the center does not, but the shelves go all the way through!

I removed the doors and hardware.

I like to put all the hardware together with the small pieces in a zip-lock bag so I don't lose anything.

Most of it was in pretty good shape, except for the top.

After a light sanding and three coats of Country White it was starting to look better!

I didn't worry too much about painting a straight line along the bottom shelf...

...because I used some cute contact paper to spruce up the shelves!

A little distressing and a coat of poly and it's been given a new life!!

Sometimes I like the look of the original pulls and a nice new paint job. It worked well on this piece I think.

I'm happy with how it turned out. Sometimes I wish I could be a little more creative but white sells so white it is!

P.S. I had originally called this piece Mid-Century Modern but one of my lovely readers pointed out that it is a 1970's piece... duh... I can see that now! Thank you so much for keeping me straight!!
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  1. Nancy CarrollMarch 06, 2017

    It looks great! White is a safe way to go, but it would have been fun with some color in the insets. However, no matter what color you chose, it would probably have not been what a customer wanted, so better safe than sorry!

  2. I love it Tania! White always works well on pieces with details like that. I'm sure it will sell quickly.

  3. Thanks Tuula, I hope it sells quickly!!


  4. Thrifty Mom In BoiseMarch 09, 2017

    I'm on the lookout for a project piece like that. I think it could be a great liquor cabinet! Hope it sells fast, I'm sure it will. It really looks nice.

  5. It would make a great liquor cabinet! I used it for my TV for awhile.


  6. Emy FlintMay 14, 2018

    Oh my goodness! It's my cabinet's long lost sibling!! It looks amazing in white! And I love how you lined the shelves.


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