6 Fun Holiday Party Games

12 December
A lot of people enjoy playing games during the holiday season.

Whether you have a large family and are looking for some games for the kids to play or you're in charge of games at the office holiday party, I've put together a roundup of 6 fun and easy holiday party games that you can play at your next party.


6 Fun Holiday Party Games

6 Fun Holiday Party Games

1. Gift Wrap Up - by Shutterfly

For this game, you will break up the party guests into teams of 2 people.

Each duo will stand together with one person’s right hand tied to their teammate’s left hand. The team will then attempt to wrap a gift using wrapping paper, scissors, and tape.

You can add a ribbon if you want to increase the difficulty of the competition and ask teams to make a bow. The team must work together to wrap the present and whichever team wraps the present first wins the game.

6 Fun Holiday Party Games

2. Christmas A-Z - by Shutterfly

First, gather a few sheets of paper that include the entire alphabet written vertically on each paper.

Teams must then compete to fill in the entire alphabet list with a holiday word for each letter. The first team to complete their list wins.

You can add a twist to the game by having someone check the winning team’s list and ensure the words qualify as holiday words. If their list isn’t accurate, you can then check another list from the runners-up.

6 Fun Holiday Party Games

3. Pin the Heart on the Grinch - by Twin Dragonfly Designs

Pretty self-explanatory right? Just like Pin the Tail on the Donkey except it's the Grinch! 😁, and there is a free Grinch printable too!

6 Fun Holiday Party Games

4. Snowman Toss - by A Girl & A Glue Gun

This cute little snowman is created with empty boxes and duct tape, and then you try to toss bean bags or balls into the holes.

Each section of the snowman has a prize inside, each box has a progressively better prize based on how hard it is to make it into the hole!

6 Fun Holiday Party Games

5. Rudolph Race - by Play Party Plan

For this game, you will need red pom poms, spoons, Vaseline, and a Rudolph poster (there is a link to the poster on her blog).

Give each player a red pom pom and a spoonful of Vaseline. Players dip their noses in the Vaseline, get a pom-pom to stick to their nose full of Vaseline, and then race to stick the nose onto the Rudolph poster. They can't use their hands at all.

6 Fun Holiday Party Games

6. White Elephant Dice Game

I shared this white elephant game with a twist HERE.
Everyone starts with a wrapped gift (not their own). Choose someone to go first, and everyone takes turns rolling the dice. 
Follow the instructions on the free printable directions that are included in that blog post for whatever number you roll.
6 fun holiday party games

Bonus Holiday Photobooth - by Oh Happy Day

And even though it’s not a party game, it would be fun to use these printable photo props (like a Santa beard and hat and reindeer antlers) and set up a little photo booth! 
6 Fun Holiday Party Games

I hope you enjoyed this roundup post and got some ideas for your next party!

6 Fun Holiday Party Games

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  1. Jennifer SparmoDecember 06, 2017

    I always like the a-z games, it’s fun to see what everyone comes up with and sometimes you have to think outside of the box. These all look fun!

  2. I thought the one where you have to wrap a package with a partner using only one hand each sounded fun!


  3. What fun! I love group games! They each sound like fun, but I like the alphabet one, and the gift wrapping one. Let's play!

  4. It would be hilarious to play the gift wrapping one wouldn't it?! lol!



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