My Vintage & Handmade Christmas Tree

12 December
Today is the final day of the blog hop, it's been a lot of work but so rewarding and fun at the same time... and my house now looks spectacular with all the new decor!

I hope you've enjoyed all the decor, craft projects, and recipes 😊 Today we are sharing our Christmas trees!

Welcome to the third annual 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop!

Stop by every day from December first through the twelfth for new ideas you can use to make your season brighter!

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My Christmas tree has always been and will continue to be filled with a mix of handmade and vintage ornaments with some thrifted and clearance priced new ones thrown in here and there!

I have some of the ornaments my mom made when she was younger, some that we made together when I was a little girl and some that my daughter made when she was little.

Every year I try to add some new ornaments.

A vintage, handmade, and thrifted Christmas tree
To me a tree filled with meaningful ornaments that either I or someone in my family has made is more special than buying all new ornaments every year just to go with a theme.

This is one that I made several years ago with cardstock, book pages, and glitter... lots and lots of glitter! 😀

Last year I made some feather ornaments with some vintage hair clips and feathers from the craft store.

I like them because you can just clip them onto the branches and they lend themselves well to the boho feel of my tree.

Up closer to the camera, you can see part of some stars I made from recycled toilet paper rolls.

This paper mache Santa is from a garage sale. I love ornaments with character like him.

And this cute, vintage looking snowman is thrifted.

This snowflake is an after Christmas clearance ornament and the feather you see below it is a gift tag from Target's Dollar Spot a few years ago.

This beautiful snowman is one that my mom made for me a couple of years ago.

And if you've been following along with the blog hop then you've already seen these little macrame ornaments I made. If you missed them, you can see that post here: DIY Boho Macrame Ornaments

These are brand new this year... an early Christmas present that my mom gave me so I could enjoy them on my tree!

This is a vintage thrifted ornament that is one of my favorites! Even though no one I know made this I appreciate the time and effort that someone has put into it and the other vintage handmade ornaments that adorn my tree.

This is my favorite thing to wake up to in the morning, I love when the whole house is dark and the tree lights are all you see. It is so peaceful and beautiful to me.


I had so much fun participating in the blog hop, I hope you enjoyed all the posts and visiting all the other talented ladies' projects and ideas!

12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop 2018.

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  1. Jennifer SparmoDecember 12, 2017

    Your tree is beautiful. I love your collection of ornaments.

  2. I'm with you Tania. The tree is much more meaningful having handmade ornaments you've saved through the years rather than a color-coordinated tree that's there for show. Not my thing at all. Pulling out each ornament is like pulling out a memory.

  3. Nancy CarrollDecember 12, 2017

    Your tree's beautiful! You know i love vintage and hand made ornaments and ones accumulated through the years. I occasionally think a color coordinated "decorator" tree would be nice for a change, but then i start dragging out Christmas decor and that thought goes out the window! And i love sitting in the dark with only the tree and a few other decorations that light up. It looks magical!

  4. Your tree is beautiful and I agree that a tree decorated with ornaments with memories is so much more beautiful than a package, color-coordinated one. (and I love the snowman your Mom made for you!) I've enjoyed each day of your Christmas blog-hop. It must have been a lot of work!

  5. Blowing Away Out WestDecember 12, 2017

    I love trees with a story and a history. So pretty!

  6. Thanks Vikki! It was a lot of work, I've never done that many posts in a row before. I tried to get most of them done before hand and scheduled but even that was hard with some!

    But like I said, my house looks great now!! Well... except for my craft room... we won't even talk about that!! ha ha!


  7. Thanks! I have so many ornaments now that I almost need two trees though!


  8. That's exactly how I feel Florence!


  9. Leanna ForsytheDecember 14, 2017

    I think your Mom is so talented her ornament gift is lovely. All the memories put together is a nice keepsake for your family.

  10. Thanks Leanna! My mom is very talented, I love getting an ornament for my tree that she made!


  11. Emily Harper Waggoner FishDecember 26, 2017

    Your tree is beautiful, we add to ours every year too, I have several I've made over the years and ones my mom made too.

  12. Thank you Emily, those are the best kind I think!



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